BB, EMA plus Price Action Long Term Strategy

Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Avereges And Price Action Long Term Strategy!

Hello guys today I want to introduce to you very powerful long term expiry Strategy. If used correctly this strategy can easy deliver around 80% success rate! First I want to give credit to friend of mine Snir Yamin the man who first time show me this strategy, and he is real successful trader like me.

The strategy uses two indicators and price action candle pattern confirmation:

Bollinger Bands with 20 2 default settings

Exponential Moving Average with Period of 365 apply to close.

Exponential Moving Average with Period of 180 apply to close.

Price action reversal pattern confirmation.

Basically the strategy is fairly simple you need 3 conditions to apply the strategy correctly.

  1. Define the direction of the markets: If 180 period Exponential Moving Average is above the 365 its Up Trending and vice versa if 180 period EMA is below the 365 its Down Trending.
  2. Look for break out of the upper Bollinger Bands for Down Trending markert and lower Bollinger Bands for Up Trending market.
  3. Confirm the signal with price action candle pattern: engulfing candle, mother and son pattern, mother and 2 sons pattern, pin bar or Pinocchio, dogi or Shooting star, hammer candle. Basically you need some kind of price action reversal confirmation!

When you have all 3 conditions on hand you enter 30 or 60 minutes trade depending on the markets direction right after your confirmation price action candlestick bar closes.

bb-ema-price-action-1 bb-ema-price-action-2

This strategy must be applied on 5 min chart and its most successful during London and USA sessions. I also advise using the strategy on famous pairs like: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/CAD. Of course you can test it on other pairs too. Also avoid trading this strategy if the EMAs are close to each other. Perfect condition is when they have large range between them that means that you are in strong trending market.

Very important note: Always when you try new strategy first go and back test it on the charts, then you test it for some time on demo account and only when you prove a good consistent success rate switch to your real money account! If you are newcomer to the binary options industry be sure to register with fully regulated broker, most of them offer demo account after registration!

For further questions you can reach me on (Ventsislav Velev)