Bonanza Pro Signals Review! Scam or Trusted?

Bonanza Pro Scam or Reliable?

Check our penetrating review before you decide to invest with this service.

Bonanza Pro is new binary options trading service. The system provides over 2800 signals per day for its users and registration is free. So far allegedly the service has made a fortune for its investors but how can this possible since its only one month old? No worries folks, binary options spot is here to clear all the doubts and bring transparency to all the potential questions.

Make sure to read our article because we will surly affect your further decision making. Our in-depth research found some disturbing facts, we would like to discuss here.
the bonanza pro signals service

Bonanza Pro Scam Review! The straight up truth!

During our scam fight carrier, we have investigated hundreds of systems, and we have never came across a proper signal service. Of course here we exclude Mikes Facebook Signal Group, since its 100% reliable. Also, on other hand the group is actually considered as educational center not just a service but that’s topic for other review. Anyway, if you are interested check our Mikes FB Group Review. In the meanwhile, we will move to our today’s topic.

How Bonanza Pro Signals work?

According to the information exposed on the service is based on advanced expert finance algorithms, which uses moving averages.

Moving average: very widely used technical analysis indicator. The indicators are helping the trader to average the markets prices, by filtering the random price fluctuations. Simple Moving averages, or exponential MA’s are considered as lagging indicators, because they are based on past prices. Simply said, based on the chosen settings the indicator will average the prices for certain time period of the past. Commonly the indicator is used to identify emerging trends or following them. MA’s are also used as triggers in combinations with other powerful indicators such as MACD or Bollinger bands.

On first look the trading method looks okay but, the lack of detailed information is extreme. The explanation of what actually Moving averages are, is coming from our team, maybe if it was found-able on we could give them credit. Long with some further explanation about the strategies they use, but in this case its seems they just give us the run around explanations.

In addition, we also have concerns about the way those signals are provided. They are not giving exact entry strike rate and expiry time. Which also involves lots of variations of how you can read the signal. Basically, they can wash hands at any time and say, hey we give you the signal it’s your problem that you can’t read it properly. No, the problem is in you failing to understand the signal. It’s because the service sucks.

Who are the experts behind The Bonanza Pro Signal Service!

The website is providing us with three names:

  • Tamer Amari – Chief Executive Officer!
  • Cameron Miller – Binary Options Expert!
  • Larry Bean – Chief Technology Officer!

We investigated those identities as expected from us! Probably you won’t be surprised that they are not real! Just stock photos attached to those names. Therefore, they surly can’t be the experts behind this signal service and obviously the creators of this page are not completely honest with us! We`ll provide evidence!

the bonanza pro scam review

Testimonials & Endorsements!

The Bonanza Pro offers few testimonials all displayed as photos. When we saw the pictures, we felt very skeptical, since we already busted the expert team as false information. Quick search in google by image revealed those personalities as another fabrication.

Creating a positive fake testimonial, and overall positive environment for your binary options service is never a good sign. Normally if the trading tool was legit, therefor the creators won’t be forced to develop phony feedback.

In addition, we made social media research in search for real people who can testify about the credibility of this signal service but all we came across is negativism. Therefore, the scam possibility is keep rising.

the bonanza pro scam review

What else!

There is maybe one positive thing associated with the Bonanza Pro signals service. One of their brokers is BDB, which is regulated and respected broker by many. We can’t confirm if BNB knows about this connection since sometimes the brokerages, are not aware with all the systems connected with their platforms but in this case we saw BDB as potential broker.

However, if the signals are not good and you lose money, the broker you are using does not bring any changes into the overall situation.

Bonanza Pro Scam Review! The Conclusion!

At this point we have all the scam elements we need to confirm this signal service as bogus! We are sorry for the possibility to bring bad reputation this this service, but clearly there is lots of misleading content. Overall the lack of reliable information is major red flag for us. If, this was a legit signal services, the creators won’t be afraid to show their faces to the public, or at least provide us with real trading video tutorials. We believe that putting your money with the bonanza pro signals service is involving immense risk!

Review Verdict: Bonanza Pro Signals are not GOOD! Make sure to avoid

Binary options are lucrative field, but due to the high demand it’s understandable why there are many crocks stalking the newcomers. That’s why it’s always important to seek second opinion before you sign with binary options trading software or brokerage. For safer alternatives to Bonanza Pro Signals, we invite you to check our Trusted and Top Recommended Signals. They are all tested and highly endorsed by the trading community!

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