Bot Plus 365 Software is Scam on all Languages! Honest Review!

Bot Plus 365 Scam or Bogus?

Yep, it’s not a mistake this service must be avoided otherwise you`ll lose money!, Botplus365. Net, and!

Bot Plus 365 software is just re-launch on old scam released back in 2015, by the name of Binary Reverse! The first version of this investment opportunity was a fraud, and as the famous adage says the pear doesn’t fall farm from the three. Second version of this robot is even worst then its ancestor!

The presentation video contains countless amounts of scam elements, and misleading statements! Therefore, this review will reveal everything you need to know, just read it!

Bot Plus 365 Software

Bot Plus 365 Scam Review! Why this system is bad!?

Essentially, the fact that this presentation looks super suspicious with that voice over actor and cartooned video is enough to call it a scam! Furthermore, we have those like 5 similar domain names, which are registered with single purpose, to secure a positive environment in the search engines! However, we are here to ruin all the plans and warn all potential victims!

Now let’s go over all the strange over-promising statements made by the alleged presenter Jay Ros!

Is really Bot Plus 365 a miracle app?

So, he makes few lame statements!

  1. He pretends that he will reveal a top hidden trading method, which is used by the 1%-ters to generate enormous wealth!

As one percenters he means the top traders of the world! Of course these are just words covered by no real proof! Furthermore, he talks about secrets but suddenly he changes minds and tells us that actually this system is not a secret?! After that by the end of the video we don’t even get a proper explanation on how the system works! Well, Jay comes up with this sophisticated statement:

  1. “Bot Plus 365 is 100% proven and based on Real World Logic that works!”

This is one of the most ridiculous explanations we have ever heard! Essentially we are not surprised that the scammers here just decide to skip any further explanations. The guys associated with this fraud are probably not associated with the financial industry in any way and they just don’t know what to say!

  1. The “secret” is free so put away your credit card and PayPal!

First, it’s not a secret its bogus! Second you will need you debit or credit card, to fund your trading account! Basically saying that you won’t need any money is cheap attracting trick!

Estimated Profits of Bot Plus 365!

Here we face more and more BS! Jay Ros decides to go further, and proof that he is just a scam-artist reading scrips who knows nothing about trading! Claiming how you can quadruple your initial investment of $250 for one day is just a freaking lie! In addition, he goes further and says that win-trade with $25 investment will bring you back $100. No! The average return rates in binary options are around 75%-80%, meaning that win-trade with $25 investment will return you around $20 as profit. Of courses quadrupling $250 for 1 day is close to, impossible!

Bot Plus 365 scam review

Do really Bot Plus 365 has 98% accuracy?

Nope, this is just the next lie in the bag! Such success rate cannot be maintained consistently!

After Registration you get Trusted Broker, who will manage your account!?

First, managing other people’s accounts in binary options is considered as Illegal actions! Second, there are no reliable or regulated brokers associated with the Bot Plus 365 scam!

Who is Jay Ros?

He is just a stock model! The other versions of this scam, made in Norway, Swedish, German and Italian:, Botplus365. Net, and so on their presenters have different names! That’s enough of a proof for us but if you want, go ahead and research the stock photo and you`ll find it on Google! Therefore, after everything said, how can we trust him?

Who’s the real creator of this software?

According to the video the real creator is a famous Japanese engineer named Jiro Hakomoto! We couldn’t find any proof in support of this statement! Therefore, guess it’s just the next lie!

What about the few live testimonials?

Notice how in the bottom right corner the displayed URL is the one of Binary Reverse! Moreover, the testimonials are made by paid actors all hired from An online marketplace, where you can hire all kinds of different skilled people to do all kinds of variety of jobs for you!

Funny fact here is that the re-designed fraud operation is so cheap that the impostors don’t have even $5 to buy testimonials!

In addition, all the claims how there are more then 1200 happy investors, registered with this trading robot and they are already enjoying the high life are just covered with no proof! Where are those people, why the social media is full of negative feedback instead of positive one!?

bot plus 365 software

Bot Plus 365 Scam Review – Conclusion!

A typical and lame money stealing scheme! Do not trust this software, no matter the langue you are watching the video at! Moreover, all the versions are bad and should be avoided! In general, you should stay away from too good to be true offers, when we speak about trading!!

Review verdict: Bot Plus 365 Scam is conformed on 200%!  Avoid all the bogus websites:, Botplus365. Net, and!

It’s true that binary options trading can be very profitable! But if you are a newcomer you should know that there are many crooks stalking for your money! That why always be careful and use only good reputed trading systems and brokers! For safer examples we invite you to check our Top Recommended Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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bot plus 365 software bot plus 365 scam review

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