Brooks Blueprint Scam Or Profitable? Honest System Review!

Brooks Blueprint Scam or Profitable?

Read our transparent review before you go into investing mode with this trading system

The Brooks Blueprint is fairly new money making opportunity. The service is fully automated binary program. The company is officially represented by Steven Brooks and allegedly this investment application is going to make up to $148,000 per week for you. Some of the early investors are already confirming to be making 6 figures in their first month.

But, here comes the question, is all this possible? Or we are dealing with another filthy scam operation? We`ll try to be extremely transparent with our review here and answer all the question you have in mind.

the brooks blueprint system

The Brooks Blueprint Scam Review! Serious or Dirty Company?

To be honest, we kind of like the presentation video. Its well-made, and there is a lot of information provided, well besides all the trash talk. Thing is that such thing as No-losing software does not exist. Maybe if the shady people behind this system where not so arrogant, we could even go to the point to test the service. Unfortunately, after we heard like 20 time during the presentation video that this is the only no-losing system we were very disappointed. Clearly we start with dishonest and unrealistic statement coming from the so called reputation builder and CEO Steven Brooks.

So, now let’s look deeper into this investment application, which by the way is advertised to be suitable for: non educated, inexperienced, old, young, smart or dumb individuals.

the brooks blueprint system

How the brooks blueprint software benefits from the online markets?

The founder, tries to drive our attention from the system by giving us lame ass example of his phone and how he does not how his iPhone works but he can use it. Then he tries to convince us that we don’t have to know how brooks blueprint app works. Wrong, this is binary options trading it’s not a “smart phone” we definitely need to know on what algorithms the system is based or what kind of strategies is using. Person who avoid such serious matter is two things; shady and dishonest or ho just don’t have the explanation.

The actual explanation?

However, we get some kind of explanation and even something like a live session. The technical guys who’s supposed to be the actual developer of this products explains! Brooks blueprint software scans millions of bytes of financial data, then based on historical data, supply and demand, news items, corporate info and other factors its executing trades. Quite cure story but those explanations are too let say shallow, to be taken seriously. Therefore, we can’t speak about transparency here.

In, addition we got completely blown always with the following statement, the technical guy came with. “The Brooks Blueprint APP, trades the financial markets SIX days a week, and has never lost a trade.” We already told you that trading the online markets without losings impossible, but it’s also impossible to trade during the weekends. Every human who has more than half day experience within the financial industry knows, that the online markets are actually offline during the weekends. Therefore, no trades can be placed.

That’s how we realized that this guys are actors, and they are reading bad written script coming from non-financially educated individual. Clear, BIG RED FLAG!

The Brooks Blueprint – All the Features.

The system has there features, auto trading mode, and two additional settings.

  • Capital Protection – That’s how they actually explain the no losing part. Actually they admit that the app can make a losing trade but rarely (BS). Anyway, after you lose an offline transaction triggers and it returns your loss. That’s impossible for two reason! 1. No broker will return eventual lost investment. 2. We are dealing with binary options trading for a long time, till now we have never heard of such feature.
  • Profit Multiplayer – A simple double up method, most people know this as Martingale Method. This is extremely risky and using such trading strategy will lead into big loses very fast, we strongly advise you to stay away from such trading strategy.

What about the Live Session?

Well, after they setup the system, the presenter decides to pause the session and eventually he show us the end result. Which is around $650 in profit coming from 4 trades. Actually, such profit will be possible only if the system trades with the whole initial account budget of $250. You alone can think of that using your whole trading account will lead you into one thig! First losing trade equals account depleting! For example, we`ll just say that professional traders use 2% – 5% of their account budget for a single trade investment.

Who is Steven Brooks – CEO of the Brooks Blueprint!

This guy is completely unknown to the trading industry! Well, he does not say a lot about himself so we are just going to ignore him as authority figure, which can bring some positive credibility to this service. Maybe he is actor maybe he is real! Anyway, we couldn’t come across any posts that support all the success stories he claim to have. You decide if you want to trust this man, we don’t trust him!

Testimonials, are they honest?

We believe that those people are paid actors, and we believe that we have solid evidence to support this statement.

  • Take a look at the checks Ken Ramirez, Stephanie Hawkins and Robin Walters show. They are all dated in May 2016 year. Now how can all this possible since the service do not exist back in May? The official domain is registered on 07.07.2016, clearly debunking the story of how those people are already making money 2 months earlier.
  • In addition, we can boldly say with hand on our hearths that making $100,000 from $250 is impossible with binary options trading.
  • the brooks blueprint scam review

Endorsements of the Brooks Blueprint Software?

Featured on: Tech Launch, Tech Company, Smart Review, MOB world, First Post, Start Up 100. You can alone check the official websites of the above mentioned companies, and realize that this endorsement is a lie. We already checked, and we couldn’t find a single word written about this service there.

In addition, we can confirm that endorsements outside do not exist. If the Brooks Blueprint APP was so profitable, why then there is not a single YouTube video expressing the success or any positive review coming from reputed industry blog? Think about it, we believe it’s probably the biggest red flag!

the brooks blueprint software

The Brooks Blueprint Scam Review – Conclusion!

What can we say, as you can tell alone we tried very hard to find something good inside! Thing is that there is none! Whole website is covered with false content and fiction stories! Don’t be fooled here for a second folks, no human being or algorithm can achieve 100% accuracy, forecasting the financial, stock or any other market. We advise you to stay away from the Brooks Blueprint Software! Registering with this web-based system won’t end well, believe us!

Review Verdict: The Brooks Blueprint System is 100% SCAM! Beware and avoid!

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2 thoughts on “Brooks Blueprint Scam Or Profitable? Honest System Review!

  1. Absolute hundred percent SCAM! Lost $250 for two days! If anyone want i can show him my trading account for proof! DON’t register here friends unless you have money to lose!

  2. Don’t touch this service everyone! My initial investment of $350, dissipated within one trading day! My account has $27 at this point. I tried to contact the support of the system several times but with no success.
    What was interesting here is that when i saw my account going into the toilet, i tried to stop the auto-trading function but again with no succeeds. The broker assured me that the bot is off when my account was around $180, nevertheless the bot continued placing trades.
    Thanks for the review, im glad that at least someone is trying to warn the world about this threat.

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