BTC KING BIZ is Reliable Opportunity? #1 Real HYIP Review!

BTC KING BIZ – Can we Trust them?

Read this investigation review before you decide to register with this HYIP!

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BTC King biz is fairly new high-yield investment program. Of course, we have the remarkably high return rates and all the promises within Actually, that’s what dragged our attention, plus some complaints from people who decided to test this service but they never got paid! We are a blog oriented into the binary options industry but since we HYIP investment are closely related with trading overall, we often respond to call from our subscribers in seek of investigation!

In this case, we have quite big and famous investment program going by the name of BTC King! After we investigated the website, some really shady details popped up! So, if you are considering registration with this offer, you better read this review before you continue!
btc king biz scam review

BTC KING BIZ Scam Review – What you missed to notice?

When you investigate for such offer there are few topics, which you have to investigate before you take any further action. In this article, we`ll go over all the important details and we will attempt to give you an example. Next time when you research for HYIP at least you`ll know what to look for in seek of the truth!

Is the company reliable?

According to the information exposed on the company exists since 2013, and its dealing with online investment since 2014.

Well, if you research for this company within the search engine you won’t be able to find it, which makes it suspicious. Moreover, the website does not contain any addresses, names or registration numbers. So, to whom exactly we are transferring money and how we can pursue them if our money disappears?

In addition, those claims about how old and reliable this organization is, are very shady. Since, one of the first things we do is to check the life of the HYIP. Basically, that’s very important, obviously if it’s fraud it won’t last true the test of time. On we have claims of how the service is 553 days old! Well, simple search will reveal how the domain is registered on 13 of September 2016. Clearly debunks the whole story and kills most of the reputation of this investment program.

btckingbiz scam review

How BTC KING Biz generates money?

Next important details, which you must research is: what money-generating methods the program uses and are they reliable?

The promotional page states that their main income comes from cryptocurrencies mining and bitcoin trading. Interesting but too unserious, we`ll bring some transparency here.

BTC mining is not just words, you need physical equipment, mining rigs, farms, facilities, or whatever you want to call them! To mine Bitcoin efficiently you need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars initially to build those farms and then additional thousands every month to upgrade your technology. Since the BTC mining difficulty raises every minute you need to be upgrading consistently! With simple words, things are not so simple! And since does not show us any facilities or any proof of those farms we just assume they are lying!

Moving to the BTC trading, there are claims how team of professional traders are behind BTC King Biz and they are handling your money with minimum risk. Sure, but how can we trust this if they do not show us the traders? Or share any names or show any results, track records or any type of evidence?

Everything seems one big fictitious story with no proof what so ever!

Are the return rates realistic?

Another important detail, which you must take in consideration. Are the actual return rates real?

The announced returns are starting from 200% a day going up 1000% after only 3 days! That’s more than impossible. Just imagine, you are investing $1000 and after 3 days you will be able to withdraw $10,000. Is this sounds realistic to you? Such interest rates do not exist folks, everything above 10% per month is unrealistic and if you believe that you will get more you will become victim to a dishonest service. That’s a good moment to remind you that trusting “too good to be true offers” will only lose your money!

btc king biz scam review

Are there any endorsements in support of BTC King HYIP?

We researched, the search engines and the social media in seek of some trust wordy testimonials. All we managed to find is bad feedback coming from the regular day-traders who invested and lost money with this service. On other hand, there are some positive reviews foundable on Google from some kind of “Monitor” blogs but we believe that they are dishonest. Since everything inside is one big lie we believe that you should not trust to those monitor websites, which are probably associated with this fraud! Furthermore, don’t forget that there are many complains from regular users and there is nothing more honest that the true user testimonial!

BTC KING BIZ Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt this service should not be trusted. In general, high-yield investment programs are considered and categorized as Ponzi schemes by Wikipedia. And there is a good reason for that since, 99% of those opportunities are just pyramid-like money stealing schemes designed to burn your money! We believe that the pointed important details will make you re-consider any further engagement with Simply, because the risk of losing your capital is more than 100%.

Review Verdict: BTC KING HYIP is a Scam! Beware and avoid any further games with

At this point we cannot redirect you to safer HYIP opportunity because we have not found reliable one just yet. But we can suggest that you might want to take a look at the Binary Options money making methods. Where you have full control over your funds and you can deposit / withdraw any time you want or need your money! Moreover, in nowadays there are many signals providers and auto-trading solutions, which help even zero-experienced investors to benefit from the online markets! For some good trading systems, we invite you to take a look at our Top-Rated Trading Service List!

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btckingbiz scam review

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2 thoughts on “BTC KING BIZ is Reliable Opportunity? #1 Real HYIP Review!

  1. Hey I like your review about BTC KING BIZ and that’s way i am including on topic.
    Crypto Currency Trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets. It is only suitable for individuals who has sufficient experience. That’s way if you are not confident in your knowledge and possibility, don’t play with fire. Opportunity to lose a huge amount of capital is completely real.

  2. The sums of returns, that are offering in this platform is very attractive. But rather i tend to think, that this is just the next fraud. Dealing with BTC is not easy it requires a great resource.
    In my opinion, better to avoid investments in positions that you don’t know very well. I consign my money only in binary options sessions and i am avoiding swimming in uncharted waters.
    Thank you Mr. Ventcislav Velev that you are pay attention about this scam.

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