BTCWIN Limited Scam Review! Another Bogus HYIP!

BTCwin Scam Investigation!

This review will reveal the truth behind this HYIP!

BTCwin is fairly new high-yield investment program. The website is registered on 15.02.2016. According to the information exposed on the main page the withdraw-ed money from investors are $ 7,146090.84. While we were making our research we noticed some dubious elements involved, which looks really suspicious! We believe that investing with this service might be dangerous, read this article and decide for yourself!

the btcwin scam review

The BTCwin Scam Review! All the hidden information!

Normally, if you are seeking for high-yield investment program, you need to make sure everything exposed onto the website is correct. This is like the main rule, in order to protect yourself from being scammed! That’s what we have done with this online opportunity, and we came across many scam elements.

First we checked if we can proof the claim made regarding the firm involved with this service. “BTCWIN LIMITED is one of the most stable and profitable investment companies in the crypto-currencies field.” The company registered back in 2012. Well we couldn’t find any information regarding this corporation. All the post which do appear associated with BTCWIN LIMITED are connected with or other websites monitoring them. Basically there is no information that can proof the existence of this enterprise. More importantly there is no info appearing after 15.02.2016, when actually the official page was registered. Everything combined puts lots of doubts about the credibility of this company!

Next thing we would like to take in consideration are actually the payout rates. Usually most scams are offering high percentages to attract new investors. The BTCwin Limited are offering three types of investment plans!

Starter: $30 – $3000 – return 300% per day!

Junior: $300 – $30,000 – return 1000% after two days!

Business: $3000 – $99,000 – return after 3 days 5000%!

The plans are looking extremely lucrative and doubtful. Normally the more tempting the percentages are the higher scam chance is! In this case we have very high return rate, making us really skeptical! The method explained onto the site is that there are traders, who trade crypto currencies in order to generate profits for the program. So that’s how they pay to their members. Well, we don’t see any real traders to be shown or highlighted anywhere on the page, with also is a red flag. However, even if they are real, returns of 1000% per 2 days are extremely hard to achieve. This means that for 2 days they manage do multiply their trading accounts 10 times! For 3 days 50 times, for us this sounds unrealistic and actually is impossible. Well it might happen like once, twice a year but if we speak for consistency it’s impossible!the btcwin scam review

Are there any people involved? Yes, onto the “about us” page you can find two men claimed to be the managers! Johney Gram – Chief Executive Officer and Patrick Meyer – Chief Operating Officer. There is only one “tiny” problem here! Both personalities do not exist. They are just stock models attached to names! Basically this is a major problem here! If, the face of the company is a lie and the firm itself does not exist, can we trust this HYIP?

the btcwin scam review

The BTCwin Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We believe that this service is a fraud! Typical money stealing scheme. Often such bogus sites operate using a simple pyramid method. The money coming from the newcomers are covering the payments for the old members, (in case they pay at all). In time the doom of this organization is matter of when not in matter of if! In certain point due to the high promised payouts the company will fell financial difficulties and it will call bankruptcy. That’s why you need to be extremely careful when you seek for such money making opportunities! So far, we have reviews many and we haven’t found a working, legit one!

Review Verdict: BTCwin Limited Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid!

We advise you to stay on the safer side of the bridge, and invest with the regular trading methods in the face of forex or binary options. If you are new investor the safer trading method is binary options. Average return rates there are around 80% per trade and the options are only 2 up or down from the current price. For complete beginners there are many trading help tool, which can improve your trading skills or trade on your behalf following settings you previously setup! Is dedicated to fight scam. During that period, we are forced to test many different trading systems! True that period we managed to gather a small list of reliable trading services. We invite you to take a look, but keep in mind that legit as they are, don’t expect to become millionaire overnight, be realistic!

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