Bullish University by Ben Newman Is a SCAM? Honest Service Review!

Bullish University Scam Review! New offer from by Ben Newman?

Read this review before you decide to invest your money with this trading system!

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Bullish University is a new binary options educational program, but will this really turn to key of success? Read this review and our opinion because we have what to say about this service.

In general, we like educational stuff, because they help the new traders but when they are offered for free. In this case we have up sell over up sell, and at the end there is also probability for you to lose money! Which is not really what we want, when we come to the trading industry for additional income!

Now with this review we`ll go over few disturbing scam elements!

the Bullish University scam bullishuniversity.com scam bullishbinaryoptions.com scam

Bullish University Scam Review – Bullish or Bullsh*t?

He is monitoring this educational program for quite a while, and the time to review it has come in our opinion, because the negative feedback doesn’t stop to pour!

Back in the day, Ben Newman the alleged creator of this service was a respected trader! Unfortunately, his reputation started to drop in the years till the point he completely destroyed it all! True the years this guy participates in few services, and they all seem to fail and lie the investors, since they are now forgotten. First option bot, then Xe Trader than Expert Trader, now Bullish University they all seem to have the same agenda. He always offers professional education but in few months the Knowledge closes doors! Why you wonder? Well, probably because the lies start to come up! We`ll go over this cheap presentation page now!

What Bullish University is?

According to the voice over presenter! This is a school for new traders! Unfortunately, there is no third party verification that this really is what they say it is! In addition, as you already know the previous schools of Ben turned to be complete fail, so why this one is going to be any better?

Moreover, why the presenter is fake actor covered with voice-over acting? Because at the end when everything fails Ben will say; no I was just small part of this project, things turned bad and now I move to new ventures. Simple trick, to get away!

In addition, on the second page we see a famous actor from hired fiverr.com for $10. Sure, that really gives authority to the service? No, of course it’s just the next red flag, telling us stop do not invest here!

the Bullish University scam bullishuniversity.com scam bullishbinaryoptions.com scam

Why Bullish Univestiry?

Mainly because you`ll learn to self-trade and eventually you`ll start to benefit from the online markets by yourself! Nope, once you register you`ll be asked to have many broker accounts and invest and re-invest a lot of money, at the end if you agree with everything you`ll end up with huge loses, and we talk about thousands, all depends on your pocket!

Now, Can we trust this guy? Is the questions we would like to answer…

Well, our opinion is that we can’t! True the years in this year’s everyone who has something in common with this guy, where tricked away. They either lose money or lose reputation. As we said all the products associated with this guy failed. We have information from trusted sources that he stolen some information from service called Option Bot, which was a good service before Ben destroy it. At the end, similar to Bullish University, people where asked to register with 5 – 6 brokers and invest money in all of them, suddenly after few days they where losing money! That’s the long story short for one good service destroyed by Ben!

Back then he was operating this service with Keith Wearing(also a well-known binary trader), once Ben stole the intel and technology he also destroyed his relation with Keith! The deference here is that Keith remained respected by the community, because of his honest work. Cruel plan but turned to be the truth!

the Bullish University scam

Are there any endorsements regarding this service?

No, the whole industry is black listing the service, because Ben has no authority anymore, he failed countless times leaving many people with empty hands!

In addition, we made vast social media research and it turned out that there is a lot of negative feedback already coming from the day-traders. As we said the hype is only 1 month then all the lies come up!

Bullish University Scam Review – The conclusion!

At this point we can confidently confirm that Bullish University should not be trusted! You will be up-sold there, you won’t get proper education, care or whatever they promise and at the end you`ll be thrown on the street! Currently there are better and FREE educational communities! Take a look at Mike’s Facebook Group! Its free and it has 9000+ members that can confirm that its profitable! All there are learning and there are also live webinars but with real profitable and successful trades! So at this point why you should join something and pay if you can just join free community with 9000 members?!

What Else?

We found that the website whose backing up this service is settled at bullishbinaryoptions.com, so you might want to avoid this page also! They are all related togather, and the blog aims to create phony positive environment for the “educational” service called Bullish University Scam!

Review Verdict: Bullish University SCAM Confirmed! Beware and Avoid bullishuniversity.com!

Binary options are very good way to make money but you have to always rely on good reputed trading services! Beware and always make a research before you invest money! If you find something suspicious you better avoid the service, you are watching at! As we advice you, there is no reason to pay for Fake Education, when you can join real Community Like Mike’s Facebook Group! Contact us for more information on how you can join this amazing trading family. Overall we are looking at service, which call itself a University without having the proper paper work and authority to use such word! Therefore, this is illegal, over-promising and misleading information aiming to trick new investors!

For further questions, contact us at: BinaryOptionsSPot@gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “Bullish University by Ben Newman Is a SCAM? Honest Service Review!

  1. Hello, I am glad i did’t invest in this scamming software. Thank you guys for exposure review. In the future i will be more attentive.

  2. Thank you for warning me about this service, i was concerning a registration with them but now i will re-think my decision.
    I appreciate your work, keep up those alerts!

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