Cash Capital Scam or Reliable? Honest Software Review!

Cash Capital Scam or Trusted Software?

Read our important review before you decide to register with this system!

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Cash Capital System is new binary options auto trading robot. Alleged that the new service can provide its investors daily profits starting from $2000 and going up to $5000. Basically, the Cash Capital Software is offering financial freedom at your fingertips!

Quite big statement for trading algorithm coming from completely unknown individuals. We made our regular investigation and to be honest we came across some disturbing details. Make sure to read our review before you register with this investment application. We believe that this service is just a money stealing scheme, and we can prove it!

the Cash Capital system

Cash Capital Scam Review! All the hidden truth!

Normally, when you research for online money making opportunity, there is one golden rule with you need to follow in order to stay away from scammers. Stay from too good to be true offers! Obviously by investing $250, you can’t expect to make $2000+ per day, on complete autopilot, because it won’t happen! Now let’s get over some dubious topics.

How the service works?

Created by trading veterans called the wall-street mentors this software will change your life? Then why the official information exposed on, is so scarce?! The presenter claims that this is an auto trading software based on trend following algorithm. Basically that’s the whole intel provided. We don’t know about you but our criteria are high and we cannot trust in such surface words. The lack of good explanation for us is a big red flag, clearly the creators are hiding how the system is working or they don’t have what to say!

Are the estimated profits real?

No, we talk about extremely unrealistic potential profits. The voice over actor claims that most of the people are starting from $250 and in 5 days they all manage to make at least $10’000! Do not trust in this folks! Trading binary options is lucrative but it cannot provide you with such big profits starting with initial $250 capital. Overall the people behind the Cash Capital Software are trying to make you eager and push you into registration. Seems like they are ready to do anything to achieve their goals, that’s why everything is suspicious!

In addition, we can say that the announced accuracy of 81% is not proven by any kind of third party authority!

Who are the individuals behind the Cash Capital Software?

There are three people who are supposed to be the creators of this auto trader: John Falcoa, Dominic Bruce and Bernard Sloan!

The voice over actor represent himself with the name John Falcoa!

the Cash Capital system

Dominic Bruce is displayed as Harvard protégé and former NASA employee!

the Cash Capital scam review

Bernard Sloan – old school trader with huge amount of experience into the financial fields.

the Cash Capital system

Those people together managed to develop what we call today the Cash Capital System! Alleged, it took them three years to fulfill that task and now in the last 1 years the service is up and running!

Unfortunately, all those people do not exist, they are all just stock models! Those identities are created only to be the front face for! We`ll expose all of them and backup our words with solid evidence!

Cash Capital software

Is the Cash Capital Real Company?

We made a research regarding this company and the names associated. Our research failed to find any credible information that can proof the existence of that organization! In addition, there is no registration number or any addresses exposed on, that’s why beyond any doubt we believe that this firm does not exist!

Testimonials and endorsements?

All the real people who appear to testify that the Cash Capital software is legit are paid actors! The rest of the people who are represented with photos are just stock models. They cannot be considered as credibility builder at all!

Outside of, positive reviews cannot be found. All the reputed blogs and forums are black listing this system. In addition, there are negative stories coming from day-traders who already have been scammed by this fraud.

What else?

We would like to debunk one more statement made by the voice over narrator. He said that this very auto trader has been used during 2015, to gain over $30,000,000 for its members. How can this be possible? Since the official domain is registered in 2016? Simple search is revealing the truth!

Cash Capital Scam Review! The Conclusion!

To be honest we are not surprised that this trading bot is just a scam! We have never came across a working auto trading solution, represented by voice over acting. Obviously If the creators prefer to stay anonymous hidden by phony personalities, there is something fishy! In addition, we have fabricated testimonials and many false credentials. Overall, we are back to our golden rule, stay away from too good to be true offers! No binary options auto trading system can provide you with $5000 per day starting from $250. We advise you to stay away from

Review Verdict: The Cash Capital Software is 100% Scam! Avoid this trading robot or you`ll lose money!

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Trading the online markets is one of the most lucrative money making opportunities. But remember that due to the high demand there are many crooks stalking for your money! Be sure to always seek a second opinion from reputed blog, before you invest real money into broker or software solution. is dedicated to fight scam, during that period we are consistently testing all kinds of binary options systems. We managed to create a small list with few trusted Auto Trading Solutions. Requiring no previous trading experience, they are all tested and endorsed by the trading community on 100%! But be realistic and don’t expect to become millionaire overnight!

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