Cash Formula Scam or Fiction? Unbiased Software Review!

Cash Formula Scam or Legit!

Many say that this auto-trader makes money! Honest Review!

Cash Formula System is new money making opportunity. The service is using the trading method called Binary Options. Allegedly by using this system you will add a really nice income to your monthly payouts. Tim Stafford, the presenter consistently speaks about millions, which is really suspicious. The presentation video is extremely professional made, with nice look and a lot of expensive toys and mansions. But we`ll ignore the flashy stuff and investigate as we always do.

Cash Formula Scam Review! Should we trust this app?

There are few very convincing elements inside The presentation video and all the people involved look very convincing. So they are extremely good actors or maybe we have a true money making opportunity? To be honest renting Rolls, such looking mention near the sea and that yacht will cost a lot. Definitely we are dealing with people who can afford to spend some money. In addition, we received few emails from people asking about this auto-trading robot, which means that the service is already highly advertised. So that really drives our attention. Seems that we might came across something interesting. Anyway before we go into verdict we`ll like to go over some topics and discuss them.

the cash formula Scam review

What exactly the Cash Formula Software is?

Well, the presenter Tim Stafford came up with highly complicated explanations, which we believe that he even doesn’t understand. Those explanations are not suitable for the regular user. That’s why we`ll explain what the system is supposed to be doing with more simple word.

The Cash Formula System uses a trend following algorithms to execute trades. When the algorithm detects emerging trends it starts to open trades following the markets swing direction. Basically we have data analyzing tool which can predict trends based on the overall sentiment (supply and demand).

How the system recognizes when to stop placing trends in particular trend? Simply the algorithm is analyzing the trading volume! When the volume gets lower and lower the system understands that the hype is over and soon the trend will be break out and reverse or go into ranging mode, or the so-called neutral markets.

That’s what it should be doing but the clarifications we go from Tim are really lame and not understandable on investing language. We find everything very suspicious. Therefore, we highly doubt that the algorithm is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

What is the origin of this trading system?

Here the things are getting really messy, we get a futuristic storyline, which cannot match our reality at all.

According to the story the trading system is created by the top 1%, in order to control and harvest the online markets. Basically we don’t want to go into Worlds’ conspiracy theories but it’s not a secret that the 1%-ters do exist. We speak about the richest of the rich, who can and do manipulate the online markets by placing big orders. Anyway for us this story is unconfirmed so we can’t really say if it’s true or not!  Day-traders follow smaller market swings so; we are very away from the big manipulative market moves.

Nowadays Tim Safford and his mentor Professor Drew Cummings are using the service for its own benefits.

Before few years the so called CF files where stolen by anonymous hackers from the Cartel. A real organization formed by the top worlds banks. After the panama documents leak, where the files were also stored, Tim and Drew decided to make the Cash Formula publically available.

The whole story is extremely full of conspiracy theories, but fortunate or not they are all truth. We can surely say that this is a fiction story! There is no connection what so ever between the World banks, Panama Case, Anonymous hackers and the Cash Formula Software proven!

Estimated profits?

There are no guaranteed estimated profits, but Tim promises $20,000 daily profits. Typical scam approach, the creator is trying to make you eager and push you into registration.

In addition, the example given with Michael Burry and how he predicted the markets crash back in 2008, has nothing in common with the Cash Formula System. Of course the amount he made around $700 million dollars was based on investments worth of millions as well. However, no connection between Mr. Burry and Tim Stafford was ever confirmed, seems like more red flags. Remember that all potential profits are determined by your trading capital and the money management strategy you use.

Who are Tim Safford and Drew Cummings?

We can’t say on 100% that they are paid actors, but the guys claim to be really big investors making millions with binary options every month. It’s strange how there is not a single success story available on the web describing their success? Don’t you find this quite suspicious?

Unseen so far interface?

We can confirm that, the inside look of the cash formula is not something we have seen so far! However, we can’t confirm if the algorithm and the design is created and merged by programmers from Silicon Valley. Because the video does not share any particular names. Obviously we just add more doubts here.

Endorsements and Testimonials?

At this point the Cash Formula software does not enjoy any real endorsements outside

Regarding the testimonials, they all seem to unrealistic. Well the people involved are not famous actors from but their profits seems very impossible. How come all of them to be making millions with Cash Formula Software, but there is nothing written about them on the entire web? The only proof of their success is contained inside Seems to be fabricated to us!

the cash formula software

What else can we add?

The presentation video approach is very similar to the most scams, well if we exclude the expensive toys! But all the scam elements are there. Stock photos spread all around the video long with not verified bank accounts containing millions. Many pushing into registration tacking’s and tow annoying popups preventing you from freely leaving the page. First Tim speaks on how if you don’t trust him just leave the page, then he tries to prevent you from leaving with many lousy tactics. All this is strange and legit trading system will never apply such methods.

the cash formula scam review

The conclusion!

Seems like we are dealing with regular scam but with higher developing budget. All the stories inside are just a fiction. There is no real third party proof that can support and give credibility to the cash formula system. At this point we believe that this investment application should not be trusted!

Review Verdict: Cash Formula Software is a flashy SCAM! Beware, and avoid the scam headquarters!

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Luckily not all software solutions are bogus like the Cash Formula System. For safer alternatives check on our Top Recommended Binary Options Systems. All of them are tested and highly endorsed by the community! Important: be reasonable and don’t expect unrealistic profits like $20,000 per day starting with $250. Obviously that’s just possible with Cash Formula Scam!

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