Cash Loophole Software is 100% Scam! Beware – Real Review!

The Cash Loophole is a 100% Scam!

Read this article, before you decide to register with this blackhole!

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The Cash Loophole is new cheap re-launch of older and very viral scam called Mockingbird Method. Actually, the storyline is very tweaked since this time they are using voice over actor but there is a lot of copy pasting here. Not only the story but the whole interface of the website!

Within this article, we`ll explain why any further engagement with this service will be disasters for your personal budget!

the cash loophole software

The Cash Loophole Scam Review – Everything you need to know!

Trading overall is not an industry that offers to make you millionaire for free by exploiting a loophole. Investing into the online markets is a serious business and also, requires time like every normal thing. In matter of a fact, using inside information or exploiting any glitch is considered illegal. Therefore, even if this was possible it will be illegal!

Moreover, as we said we have interface similarity with other older scam called the mockingbird method. Basically, the whole page is looking similar. The fake spot counter, the fake stock photo testimonials, the scripts that detects your country in attempt to create positive environment. And even the colors are the same. Therefore, we find this connection very suspicious.

How this software works?

Besides the explanations how this service is exploiting some kind of non-existing bug, the video does not offer further explanations. We believe that is a major red flag. We cannot take an APP as serious if, the creators skip to explain the most important matter.

Estimated Profits and False Promises!

During the video presentation, we hear the actor to make some ridiculous claims!

  1. All investors who register with this trading system and fail to make money will be paid back twice! Folks, don’t be fooled here no one will recover any investor loses, there is no contract between you and this this service upon registration, which can assure those guarantees!
  2. You`ll be able to make thousands of dollars every day, without any initial investments? No! After you register with this system you`ll need to invest at least $250 in order to even start using it! Moreover, even if it was a good system you won’t be able to make thousands with such capital.
  3. The Cash Loophole Software has 92.4% accuracy? As the previous claims this one is also separated from the reality. No one can maintain such high success rate for long period of time!
  4. On several occasions, Richard Sellars offers 50 people to receive $1000 for only watching this video. In matter of fact he claims that since June 2016, this is the third and list beta focus group! The domain is registered during late September, obviously, we talk about new service and this is just a time conflicting statement!

Are Richard Sellers and Kevin Wright real?

Those are the two individuals described as the official creators behind this service! From the video presentation, we know that Richard is from Birmingham, England and he is working as Chef for local Italian restaurant. On other hand Kevin Wright is the brain behind this but we have literally no intelligent information displayed about him!

We already that those individuals are just fictitious characters. But for the people who wonder we`ll say that search engines and social media do not know anything about them, the only post, which appear are associated with Moreover, they are hidden behind a voice over acting. 99% of the scams out there are using the same approach. They hide everything, companies, addresses, identities, everything. Once you realize that it’s a scam you`ll have no one to complain to!

What about the live session?

We are promised to witness live, how the service works. In reality however we get some strange fabricated skype call between Richard and two so called “members”. They pretend to be sharing their screens but even a kid, can recognize the manipulation here. We do not see any live trading, but only fabricated end up results.

the cash loophole scam review

Any endorsements?

The most important fact that actually can determine if the service can be trusted or not is the community approval. We always research the social media and all search engines for feedback. In this case, we have only negative reviews and bad feedback from the day traders. There is nothing more honest than the regular day-trader’s opinion. If the trading society is not backing this service, then we must avoid it!

The Cash Loophole Scam Review – Finale!

Typical money stealing scheme. Beyond any doubt this trading platform is a fraud! The above displayed evidence and explanations are good enough proof. Investing this this service will not end well for you or your pocket!

Review Verdict: The Cash Loophole Software is 100% Scam! Beware and do not put any real money inside

Binary Options industry is full of similar cheap money stealing attempts. If you are newcomer you have to beware of that fact. Just ignore too good to be true offers and you`ll be good. Trading is used by many people to add some nice income to their monthly income or even as full day jobs. The opportunities here are endless but keep in mind to always use good reputed trading systems. For safer alternatives, you can check our Top Recommended Systems. They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time!

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