Centument Project 2.0 Scam Or Genius? Unbiased Software Review!

Centument Project 2.0 Scam or Profitable?

Is really the second version better than the first? Check our transparent review!


Centument Project 2.0 is the successor of Centument Asset Trading Software. A binary options trading application released in the early 2016. Allegedly the system is advertised as fully auto-trading robot, which will generate $20,000 per week for its investors.

We have some concerns here, therefore please check this article before you invest! You need to read this review because we have the experience to investigate this software! Moreover, we can compare version 2 with the previous one because we tested the first bot and we have the results.

the centument project 2.0 software

Centument Project 2.0 Scam Review! The whole ugly truth!

Since we are always super transparent with our users we would like to say that when we first tested the first version of this product, we were quite surprised! We even endorsed the system for the first week, since it was giving a promising result around 75%. However, probably that was just a luck because in the upcoming weeks the performance of this system just kept dropping. Currently the old service is performing under 60%, which practically means that it’s losing money since binary return rates are averaged at around 75%. Basically that means that you have to stay above 65% to make money.

Why we are skeptical about the Centument Project 2.0?

Essentially, we could give it a try first before black listing it, but we won’t do that because of couple of reasons! In this in-depth analysis review we`ll cover all the scam elements we came across during our investigation!

Gerald Reeds statement on “why people lost money with the alpha application”!

He claims that 90% of all people, described as the first ware of registration, where making and still generating $20,000 per week. Approximately 1600+ users should be still making money with this service. But he admits that 10%, of all users, described as the little late registered investors are losing traders.

Forced by the day-traders hate, he came up with crazy story! “A team of devious brokers has assembled a team who hacked and reverse-engineered the algorithms in order for the app to place opposite traders.” So, this is the explanation of Reed, on why people are losing money with this software.

Well, binaryoptionsspot.com was granted with one of the first copies! We, managed to make like $300 for one week and then lost it all, in the following weeks! In addition, we have user feedback of tents of users with the same experience like ours! With simple proof we know that first version is BAD!

Furthermore, the claims on how 1600 people are still making $20,000 are just dust in the wind! Where are those people? Why the social medias and search engines are full of warning reviews and bad update reviews in combination of negative feedback?

the centument project 2.0 scam review

How the service is working?

The first vision was announced as high volume algo-trading software. Now we have completely not realistic and not applicable into binary options trading explanation!

Actually this is probably the main reasons for us deciding not to give a chance to this bogus system. Gerald Reed claims that he spends $800,000 to redevelop a new and better algorithm. Coming up with the ridiculous talks about how they found the solution into artificial intelligence.

With the help of the best engineers, coders, hackers and traders he developed a bulletproof, no losing auto-trading system!

  • First, tapping into the incredible advancements of artificial intelligence can help other industries but not online trading. It’s just simply impossible to adjust such algorithm into options trading at this point. We are not into some kind of science fiction movie, we are trading the online markets, which are moved by the fundamentals!
  • Second, why Reed is not sharing the names of those Experts? He promises that we will meet them in person, but that does not happen! Not that we expect to know the coders, engineer’s hackers, but we will surely know it there is a good trader in the team!

To summarize this topic, we want to state that the information provided by the alleged presenter is highly fictitious and rises lots of suspicious!

Estimated Profits: The Centiment Project 2.0 Software!

According to the so called, Wall Street shark Mr. Reed, this is the first no losing software.

We have heard that in many recent fraud operations. Remember one thing folks: ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FORECAST THE ONLINE MARKETS ON 100%! No human, or software solution can accomplish that, because it will cause major disturbance into the WORLD’s economy! In addition, we found problem with the results shown by Mr. Big Deal as proof of his work! Plus, his claim how this account has generated over $750,000 in period of two months!

Check those screenshots, they proof the fabrication of the results! Folks, take a close look to those snapshots. There are no Wining trades with $0 return rate, or wrong Strike rate and Expiry Rates.

  • In order to win a binary options trade for a CALL the expiry strike rate have to be at least 1 pip above the entry strike rate. Vise versa for Put the end rate must be under the entry rate!

the centument project 2.0 software


We already know that the 1600 so called successful investors do not exist, but what about the testimonials inside thecentumentproject2.com?

The individuals who participate; Chris Jones, Alena Schmidt and Carla Dias are just stock models, attached to names. We will provide you with solid evidence!

 the centument project 2.0 scam review

The Endorsements?

We made vast research regarding both version of this trading software. The result is not in support of the Centument Project 2.0. The social media and the Google search are full of alerts regarding this trading system. Therefore, if you even don’t trust us, you can’t possible ignore the tents of negative reviews out there!

the centument project 2.0 software

The Centument Project 2.0 Scam Review – Conclusion!

We gave the chance of the first application, we won’t make that mistake twice! Especially with all the dubious details we found inside thecentumentproject2.com. Clearly, this is arrogant second scam attempt by Gerald Reed! We advise you to avoid any registrations with this help-trading product. As involves high risk, and possibility that you won’t see your money back!

Review Verdict: The Centument Project 2.0 Software is 100% Scam! Beware and stay away from thecentumentproject2.com!

Binary Options trading can provide a really nice additional income for you, and even a full time solution for you if you decide to dedicate yourself. However, due to the majority of possibilities, which the field offers there are many crooks stalking for your money! Therefore, you always have to rely on services and brokers with good reputation! For safer alternatives, we invite you to take a look at our Top Binary Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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the centument project 2.0 software

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