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Charity Profits Scam or Genius?

Read our point of view before you decide to put your money here!

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The Charity Profits APP initial purpose really deserves admirations. Helping others, simultaneals while you are making lots of money for yourself is hardly achievable. It’s in our nature to watch for ourselves first, and then once we reach all our goals we start to think back about the rest of the population. The offer coming from Megan Sanders, the alleged creator of Charity Profits APP, is really interesting. She offers her software to the wide public for free but in exchange she demands that you`ll agree to donate 5% of your profits for different charity causes.

Thing is that in the world one of the biggest problems with charity overall is fraud! In many cases the people behind the charity organizations are dishonest and they often steal the raised for charity amount for their own benefits, stealing the money from those who really need them!

We feel those practice as really discussing, as we all know that there are people in the world who are really forgotten and they need help! That’s why we have made in-depth investigation regarding this service, and in this article we`ll expose some really nasty details.

We believe that Megan Sanders, is really dangerous and filthy person! This system is a scam! We feel bad for the creators behind this trash, because using charity as advantage and camouflage of their fraud is really pity!

the charity profits app

Charity Profits APP – All the truth revealed!

So, the main promise here is that this very service Is going to change your life, by consistently putting $4000 inside your trading account every day. In case the system fails to accomplish that achievement, Miss, Sanders will personally transfer to you $5000, as compensation!

Thing is that when you sign there is no contract signed between you and Megan Sanders or her company in passion, to guarantee the compensation! Moreover, making $4000 from $250 deposit, which is basically the minimum you have to start with is impossible. Not that the amount is not reachable by trading binary options but you must own really large budget to enjoy such profits! Considering that most of the people coming into this industry can barely afford $250 as start! We can say that the estimated profits announced by Charity Profits APP are unrealistic.

the charity profits app

How the service works?

The video focus, more on how good life is when you can afford to buy everything, or what kind of lifestyle multi-millionaires enjoy. In addition, we get the sad story about the third world, and how we really need to help, which by the way is pathetic. To use such approach in a scam really makes you cold-hearted.

However, we don’t hear anything about the algorithms or strategies this software uses! Besides the claim that “Charity Profits APP operates with the fastest and most accurate algorithms in the world”. What kind of explanation is that? We cannot accept it, for us skipping such important manner is just a red flag!

the charity profits scam review scam

Who is Megan Sanders?

We made a vast social media and search engine research regarding this identity. Fortunate or not she is completely unknown person. No reviews, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn Profiles, just nothing. In general, if her organization has really donated over $4 million dollars to charities, there will be some information about her here and there. Furthermore, she repeated 3 times the same mistake claiming that her software, generates money 24/7. Only a rookie will make such mistake as we all know that online markets are actually offline during the weekend. Based on all the fake promises and analysis so far we can just assume that she is just an actress reading the script.

Furthermore, all the claims how she is dealing with Douche Bank, making them millions or how she will give you additions gifts after registration are just words without backup! There is nothing on that can provide solid proof!

Testimonials of Charity Profits Scam?

It’s funny, we have really high budget production, with the mansions and the okay looking rented Bentley but at the end we have cheap testimonials. During the whole video we can notice people appearing and testifying how this is really the real deal! Unfortunately, they are all cheap paid actors hired from online marketplace called There you can hire different people with different skills to do the job for you! In this case you can pay $5-$10 to hire amateur actor and enjoy the same testimonials for your product.

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Charity Profits Scam Review – The Conclusion.

Relying on charity and charm is making you a BITCH not a decent person or financial mentor Megan Sanders! Shame on you for taking part in such arrogant fraud operation! Creating fake positive environment with phony testimonials and unrealistic promises is something very common in nowadays! Do not trust such offers folks, investing with this or similar system will now end financially well for you!

Review Verdict: Charity Profits APP is a SCAM! Beware and do not put your money inside!

Another viral and dangerous scam you need to avoid is: Dream Catcher!

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3 thoughts on “Charity Profits APP Review! Scam or Decent Software |!

  1. I am so sorry i took a part of this farce. I already lost $250 dollars, making an account at this bogus Charity Profits app software. I thought everything will be great i will earn good money and i will do charity.
    So what could happen, i told myself? And know now one answer my calls!!!!!!!!
    I am furious, how could i believe this woman.

  2. What is the connection, between charity and binary options trading? How can they mock with people in need, like that. What kind of heart, this Megan Sanders wear? Evil and ruthless woman.
    For two years i have been dealing, with various assets, i have heard a lot of fantastic offers. For example start’s with $50, win a $1000 for 24 hours, or start’s with $100, gain $2000 a day, but open an account with deposit of $250 and making $4000 every day, beats everything thus far! In addition, this unknown software you are suppose to giving from this $4000 dollars 5 % for different charities, this is mildly crazy. Neither one platform for Binary options trading, gives money for charity, or force clients to do that. Charities generally is a very good thing, but when really is used for needy people.
    Nice review, i admire you, and fully understand your hate here!!!

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