Chess Masters Code Scam Warning

Chess Masters Code Scam Warning!

Read this review before you end up losing money with this pathetic service!


Chess Masters Code APP is new binary options auto trading system. The anonymous presenter claims that’s its chess based algorithms running behind it. Thing is that this sounds little ridiculous, so we made in-depth analysis in seek of more confirmations and details. This review will answer all the question you might think of, make sure to spare time and read it.

Chess Masters Code APP! The hidden stuff.

Well to be honest the website does not contain too much of annoying stuff. Well everything inside is fake but not annoying. We are looking at two-page website with two presentation videos, mostly containing all the information about this trading bot.

The videos are covered by voice over acting and during the sales pitch, the narrator forget to mention any names, companies or addresses. Making this software completely anonymous and suspicious of course! Actually the only, like more detailed information exposed is that “I’m 27 years old almost millionaire”. Cool explain then why the actor sounds like 50 years old person? Little bit of a script writer mistake? Sure, no problem we can take that.

Main storyline is how Chess Masters Code Software is going to make you a millionaire in less than 3 months. All this possible by using this software based on game of chess algorithm. Absurd and over-promising announcement! Actually inside the second video the scam-artist explained that this sophisticated well-hidden algorithm is nothing more than a Martin Gale method. For the unfamiliar, this is a simple double up method, invented for the casino game roulette. Simply when you lost a bet / trade, you double up your next investment in order to recover the previous one and gain some profit. First this is extremely dangerous it requires very high trading budget and overall it’s not recommended for binary options trading. Binary options average return rate is like 75%-80%, not 100% like in the roulette game. Meaning that your next investment need to be even higher than the previous one to recover the loss and make profit. You won’t ever find real trader that will approve this trading method, simply because in 3 – 4 trades you can wipe all your account. In the video of Chess Masters Code software, the narrator says that to lose 3 trade in a roll is impossible. Reality is completely different there is always chance of losing 3 even 5 trades in a roll or more. That’s the reason why trading is considered as risky money making opportunity. You need to have good money management strategy to succeed.

Besides all the unrealistic claims. We have consistent usage of fake identities and stock models true the entire presentation. All the pictures and short cut videos you see they are all stock model play cut scenes. The is some kind of live trading feed onto the second page of Chess Masters Code APP. Of course fabricated, we`ll provide some evidence to back up our words.

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The Summary!

We are dealing with classic money stealing scheme, such as was very popular before like 2 years. Video containing no explanation about the software or bizarre once like we have here. Fake identities, voice over acting, stock photos and unrealistic promises. Typical stuff and we find all the elements here in Chess Masters Code Software. We feel our conclusion is extremely to the point. We believe that investing with this service will cause you lose money! We don’t recommended investment with!

Review Verdict: Chess Masters Code Scam Revealed! Beware avoid this trading system.

Binary Options industry, and trading overall is very lucrative field. The expression “Sky is the limit “, applies with full power. Unfortunately, due to the high demand, there are many crooks stalking the new comers! What we recommend always is: 1. Stay away from too good to be true offers. 2. Always seek for second opinion before you put money into trading software tool. 3. Browse and clicks stuff only on secured websites with SSL / HTTPS:// encryption, which ensures safe web browsing!! Those three rules can save you a lot of money. For safer alternatives to Chess Masters Code APP check our Tested Services! Of course keep in mind that legit as they are, you can’t make millions for 3 months with them! Please apply common sense!

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