Click Trade APP ALERT! Extremely Pathetic Looking Scam!

Click Trade APP IS A Poorly Made Scam!

This unbiased review will reveal all the bogus details.

Click Trade APP is new binary options auto trading system. The promises are high but keeping them is impossible. Our investigation digged out some really interesting facts! Well, overall you alone can see that this website is probably created by 5 years old developer. The look of the official page is extremely terrible, and everything looks wrong. Anyway, we`ll provide you with some evidence, which will ensure you to stay away!

click trade app review

Why Click Trade App is a SCAM?

We`ll provide you with few key revealing details.

  1. The alleged creator and CEO John Cross claims that this trading system is up and running from 2014 year. Wrong, the system is extremely new, the life of the domain proves it. A simple search provided us with the evidence that is registered on 02.02.2016! Clearly debunks all claims about using this software before that date!
  2. The system is based on technology called Algobitex. We have never heard of such technology and uncle Google does not show any posts related to thing innovative algorithmic technology. The description we got from the video is that, it’s some kind of data analyzation process. Eventually, the algorithm should pull out trading opportunities and execute them with binary options trading positions. However, we believe that this is imaginary tech that does not exist.
  3. The staggering results of this “amazing” algo-trading system are confirmed by the beta testers. Who are the beta testers? They show us two videos of two people, but they are not real. The guys are paid actors hired from online marketplace called We`ll reveal one of them just as proof of our words!
  4. The Presenter / Founder John Cross is also invented personality. The man does not exist, and everything associate with him is one big lie. John is also a paid actor, hired to represent this lame looking fraud operation!

click trade app review

Click Trade APP Review, The conclusion!

As we started from the beginning we are looking at pretty bad performed money stealing scheme. Obviously if, every single soul associated with this software is not real, the system is a scam! A legit trading system will never use such lousy convincing methods. Normally, if the investment application was really legit it, there will be easy to access real success stories describing the success of real day traders. In this case all we have is fabricated accounts and invented storylines. We believe that investing here will be disasters, you should never put your money into this software.

Review Verdict: Click Trade APP is 100% Scam! Beware and avoid the bogus page:!

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Binary Options is very lucrative field, due to that fact its driving many crooks! They are hunting for the newcomers and such looking scams are released on daily basis. That’s why you always have to look for second opinion before you decide to invest with options service or brokerage. is well secured website extremely good place to find honest second opinion. We are dedicated to fight scam and we have extremely long Black – List, which we update daily! During our scam-war campaign we are forced to consistently test all kinds of different trading systems! We managed to gather a small list of Top Recommended Services, if you look for safer alternatives to Click Trade Scam, we invite you to take a look!

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