Cloud Track Trader Scam Again? Important Review!

 Cloud Track Trader Scam Review!

The CloudTrack Trader is back? Are you serious?

Reading this review is a must, otherwise you might lose money!

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Cloud Track Trader is just a repeating scam. The service is using the financial tool binary options to advertise its scheme. Allegedly this auto-trading service is supposed to make you $1250 guaranteed per day. Moreover, the presenter even guarantees that you`ll be enjoying minimum profit of $1250 every day for life!

Of course this is just a marketing trick, which aims to push you into registration. Unfortunately, if you decide to register and invest money with this service you`ll lose them.

In 2016, we have seen this bogus system to be advertised several times with different names. This time we are getting close name to one of the initial fraud operations called Cloud Trader. In addition, you can check also GPS Trader, Dream Catcher, Dream Profits, Multiplexer etc. There are more but we don’t want to flood you with useless information on fraudulent services.

What’s common for all those software solutions you ask? Well, they all use the same storyline. Some of them even use similar actors but more for that further down.

Now we`ll debunk this service and explain why it’s a scam and why you should avoid it. Also, if you wonder for more specific details check all the reviews we have written regarding the rest of the scams. Once you check everything and compare all the presentation videos you`ll be able to see the similarity!

the cloudtrack trader scam review

Cloud Track Trader Scam Review – All you have to know!

Essentially there are a lot of problems and dubious details inside but we`ll go over the most important once. Once you get the overall picture you can check our other articles and as we mentioned above, you`ll find even more evidence!

Estimated profits of The CloudTrack Trader?

Completely unrealistic and out of this world. No one can guarantee profits from online trading. Especially when you are using free software trading options with no strings attached. Basically once you register there are no contracts assigned between you “the investor “and Cloud Track Trader “the software”. Moreover, initial capital of $250, cannot generate $1250 in profits for one day!

Is it possible the CloudTrack Trader to have 100% success rate?

Hahaha, no! Its more than plainly that this is extremely overextended. No human or software can forecast the online markets on 100%. By the way if it was possible and you know that you win every position why profit only $1250? Quite suspicious don’t you think? Anyway, folks don’t be fooled here this claim is as bogus as the services!

How The CloudTrack Trader Works?

We get the same story over and over again. The alleged CEO and Founder James Christian claims that the success of this software is hidden in speed! The ability of this system to transfer data faster than any other system make is unique and special?

Furthermore, the guy claims that his organization is managing to achieve faster data transfer due to their cloud servers scattered all around the world!

First, even if they have that server network it won’t make any difference! Why?  Simply because in order to use the CloudTrack Trader you have to register with a binary options regular broker. Once you do that, you start to depend on the broker. Actually as example we`ll just tell you that usually the binary brokers are taking from 1 – 3 second to execute and confirm the position once you place it! Obviously those 7millions of a second faster trading methods have no place here.

Furthermore, the guy claims that they have more than 20 cloud servers all around the globe. Well where are those facilities? Why he does not share pictures from them or company names or any addresses? Obviously because this is just part of the deception!

Who is James Christian and can we trust him?

This guy is just professional liar! He also participates as CEO in Cloud Trader, the older scam but there his name is Matthew Shepherd. Therefore, we cannot trust him or anything he says! Take a look at the evidence snapshot!

cloud track trader scam review

Official debut of The Cloud Track Trader?

According to the information exposed on the service should be available from December 2014. Furthermore, since then the service managed to gain 840 happy members!

However, the reality is completely different. The official domain is registered on 01.09.2016, so this is very time conflicting.

Regarding the users, we have one question: where are they? Why there are no positive stories anywhere on the web from those investors?

Clearly everything is one big lie!

cloud track trader scam review

Anyone endorsing Cloud Track Trader?

Based on our own investigation we can say that no one has ever endorsed this dubious trading robot. We take this as very big red flag, since the industry opinion is very important when we determine the status of a trading solution. If the society denies the system, obviously there is a reason for that!

Cloud Track Trader Scam Review – The summary!

We went over most of the scam elements settled inside! All those critical topics can be found into the promotional pages of all other scams we pointed at the start. For the past 6 – 7 months we have exposed 10+ similar software-solutions. They all are relying on the same approach claiming how its mathematically impossible to lose a trade by using them. Well, it’s quite the opposite with trading it’s mathematically impossible to win all the positions. The trick is to win more positions then you lose, which obviously equals to profit!

Review Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is a SCAM! Beware and avoid putting any real money inside!

Binary Options newcomer? Keep in mind that trading can be very lucrative but you have to be careful! Due to the high interest there are many crooks stalking for your money! Take your decisions wise and always rely on good reputation trading-tools! For safer alternatives we invite you to check some examples! Our Top Recommended Trading Systems! They won’t make you millionaire overnight, but every single one of them is 100% endorsed by the trading community as profitable service!

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3 thoughts on “Cloud Track Trader Scam Again? Important Review!

  1. Hey, thank you for warning us about that software.
    I almost paid $250 dollars to those crooks. I am glad that i check your site before i did it.
    I am cheerful about what you are reviling, i can always rely on you.

  2. Thank you guys for your protection. I was interested about that Cloud Track Trader software. But they render the next crooks. I must to admit so i was curious to gain $1250 dollars a day. Particularly they attracted me by the idea of warranty. Just think, how wonderful will be if i can invest only $250 and earn $1000 dollars brand.
    Thank’s to you and your articles i understand these fantasies are only in my mind After reading this review indeed, it became really clear to me that they are only trying to steal peoples money.
    You save my money!

  3. Hello guys,
    Lies but i caught on them. I am a newbie in binary options trading, here in Czech Republic. One of my friends told me, there is a new software that can gain you $1250 dollars per day and i decided to invest.
    I grab the idea i can earn so much money a day. But unfortunately i have lost my $250 dollars. My decision was dictated from my emotions. I didn’t considered the risk.

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