Cloud Trader Scam Review Warning

Cloud Trader Scam Warning

This review will expose why this service is a total joke, make sure to read it to the very end!

Cloud Trader is very new binary options auto trading solution. The alleged creator Mr. Matthew Shepherd, shared some interesting information during the presentation video, which we would like to discuss with you. Our investigation revealed very disturbing facts around this software, and you might want to know everything before deciding to invest with this trading bot.


Cloud Trader Scam Review

Cloud Trader Scam Review! All the dubious details!  

According to the information exposed on this trading system is using pattern repeating algorithms. Which means that is should scan the markets for potential high probability historical pattern formations and automatically execute trades based on that lone indication. We don’t have anything against that trading method, pattern repeating algorithms has been proven successful during the years with high consistency! We have questions regarding the follow-up explanations made by the CEO Matthew Shepherd!

“Cloud Trader has not lost a single its live debut back in 2012!”

“The miracle impossible accuracy was achieved because of their cloud based hosting!”

These are one of the most ridiculous claims we have heard in months! First of all, such service or person who can achieve hundred percent success rate for such long period of time! This is impossible and if, there is person who claims otherwise he is a fool or he has something bogus in his mind!  Second, we don’t know why they bring cloud hosting into this but its sounds absurd. Yes, cloud hosting and VPS hosting are faster but overall the execution of particular trade will take few seconds since your binary options platform will have some lag and overall those nanoseconds can’t affect the whole process so much! And third, a simple search reveals that the domain has been registered on 03.03.2016, which time conflicts with many other statements! Actually it completely debunks the whole story, since the software appear to be brand new not operating from 2012!

Who is the founder of Cloud Trader Matthew Shepherd and can we take his words seriously? We made a regular search regarding his identity on Google! Obviously he is unknown to the financial world, since we couldn’t find any trustworthy posts describing his achievements or any kind of credible information about him. For us a person who describe himself like a successful trader generating millions but he is completely unknown to the community has very high percentage to be scam-artist. In this case we haven’t look on but he is probably paid actor hired form there just to promote this malicious trading system!

In addition to this exposure review we would like to add few more misleading facts. True the whole promotion video we are witnessing consistent snapshots displayed as happy members of cloud trader software. Don’t be fooled everyone it’s just some false credentials. Stock models attached to names attached to demo account screenshots! Let’s take for example Dave Blake, a bus driver from Idaho! He is just stock photo, we will provide you with solid evidence as screenshot and link to back up our words!


Cloud Trader Scam Review

Cloud Trader Scam Review! The Summary!

As conclusion we can add that the software is new but apparently its getting some attention because we already received few email complains from subscribers of ours that have decided to give this trading system a try! At this point we will advise you to stay away from this bogus service because it obviously hides immense risk!

Final Verdict: Cloud Trader Scam Warning Confirmed! Beware, Avoid!

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