Cobalt Code Software Review! Scam Or Reliable?

Cobalt Code Scam or Trusted System?

Read our honest software review, we got all the answers!

Cobalt Code Software is new auto trading and semi-auto trading service. The investment opportunity is presented by long 52-minute video. Where the father of this auto trading software Grant Stone, is applying every trick he knows to push you into registration. He guarantees that The Cobalt Code Software will help you reach your eureka financial moment. We watched the presentation really carefully, and we saw some interesting details we would like to discuss with this article. So, bear with us folks it’s going to be a rough ride, for some of you who by mistake are already trusting this product.

Cobalt Code Scam Review! Sometime the truth hurts!

the cobalt code scam review

After the hype scam Quantum Code, we are getting other bogus code. Usually when we notice claims about how you`ll become millionaire after month or two we are brief with our reviews, but since this one is getting lots of attention we`ll spend some time to explain everything.

Who is Grant Stone?

The alleged creator is displayed as former mine worker for big corporation, which is involved with mining industry somewhere in Africa. They don’t share the name of the organization so we couldn’t have made proper investigation, therefore we can’t say if he is honest.

The guy claims he has banked over $600,000,000 million dollars for the past 2.5 years all thanks to the cobalt code software.

Our research regarding his name failed to find any reliable information, probably because he is just a paid actor. Google does not know him, he has not LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, nothing he is a true ghost.

Well one thing we can assure you, if this man was real there will be countless stories all around the social medias describing his success. In this case we couldn’t came across a single word written for him. For us the main person involved is just an actor.

How the Cobalt Code Software works?

Of course we get the run around explanation how he has inside information based on that he designed the system long with his friend Steve Corral. We don’t see Mr. Corral but he is described as gifted trading expert. So those both sophisticated minds merged together came up with the cobalt code software. All based on simple trading algorithm and the inside information Mr. Stone has.

Inside the video he claims that he stayed working as employee for his former company to snitches around till he steal the inside information that he needs to manipulate the commodities markets.

Probably we have said this many times but we`ll write it again! Using inside information or working with inside companies in order to benefit from the online markets is considered Illegal!!! In this case everything is just one big deception part of the storyline, but it’s good to know that since you never know. In the future if your life reaches certain point where you need to decide if, it’s okay to use inside information, don’t do it, because it can hurt you and your family!

Evidence snapshot:
the cobalt code scam review

What Cobalt Code Software is trading and how?

Here we have two interesting statements, far from the reality, all made by Grant Stone!

  • The system is not using binary options as trading instrument!
  • Cobalt Code APP is trading only those metals: Cobalt, Nickel, Iron, Copper and Manganese.

Well, we made a phony registration and we found really interesting details inside. Not only that the service is using Binary Options brokers, which was expected. But it’s not even trading any commodities, only currencies! Well, not that trading currencies is bad, but why they lie? Not that we were surprised, you can rarely land on binary options broker, who allows trading Cobalt, Iron, etc. In addition, the inside interface was exactly the same as other viral scams! Navstar Trader, 7 Figure Months and others. Check our other reviews for further details and evidence!

For how long Cobalt Code APP operates?

One of the first things we are checking is the life of the official domain, in this case: The search reveals that the official domain name is registered on 19th April 2016. Clearly debunks the claims how this system has been used for the past few months by regular members, and for over 3 years by the creators.

cobalt code software

Are the Estimated Profits Realistic?

Probably using the word “realistic” here is the most impropriated choice! The scam artist claims that this very software is capable of providing daily profits between $12,000 and $17,000. All possible by using the auto trading or semi-auto trading function of the robot. The service is so perfect that he even rarely loses, for the past two years the cobalt code software has managed to maintain the staggering accuracy rate of 98.79%. Gash, we can’t explain how hard for us is to even proceed that information as traders.

  1. To consistently generate $12 – $17 k every day profits you`ll probably need to trade with at least $100k capital. Therefore, you can’t expect to invest $25, and miraculously turn them into $12k the first day!
  2. No human being or software solution can keep even 90% accuracy for long period of time, what comes if we speak for close to 100% success rate! This just sounds and its bizarre!

Testimonials and Endorsements!

True the whole video the actor is meeting different people or showing previously recorded positive testimonials! No matter, the experience or the status all the people involved are claiming to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars, with this app. Well, besides inside this video we couldn’t find anything for those people on the web. Don’t you find this strange? Not a single real success story outside of this website:! That’s why we believe that Bradley Hopkins, Cathy Morgan, Elizabeth Lucas and all the rest people involved are just paid to testify!

Regarding the endorsements, simply there are none! The reputed blogs are blacklisting the system! In addition, we would like to say that there are few positive reviews found-able on google but they all come from non-reputed bloggers who simply say that every scam works! Just ignore them if you come across them because following those sites will lead you into losing money situation!

cobalt code app

What else can we say?

Additionally we get a normal push into registration tactics all coming form the presenter, claiming that there are only 109 spots lefts and you must act fast or you`ll let the chance of your life slip away. No, don’t be fooled its just a lousy trick!

In addition we get many endorsement badges of reputed financial institutions all around the official page but they are all fake, they are not leading where they should be! Also, the claims about how this system is legally verified by three UK companies are just talks in the wind! Who are they? Why the developers are not mention their names? We`ll answer quickly, because they are also part of the overall deception!

Cobalt Code Scam Review! The Conclusion!

During our scam fight carrier, we came across many similar looking fraud operations! Obviously we have all the scam elements in our hands here! Over-promising statements of how you can become financially independent by clicking one button, long with misleading content and lots of false credentials. Be wise and do not fall into this trap, investing money with the cobalt code app won’t end well for your budget.

Review Verdict: Cobalt Code Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid or you`ll lose money here!

Also, beware from Quantum Code Scam!

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