CodeFibo APP Review! Scam or Powerful Trading System?

The CodeFibo APP Review!

Finally, a trading solutions, which deserves attention!

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The CodeFibo APP is fairly new binary options trading solution! At last we are coming across something unorthodox. Lately, the software solutions we investigate are just lousy scams, developed by people who are not even associated with the trading industry! Unlikely the regular stuff, this service is relying on trading methods proven over the decades.

The amazing combination of crowd behavior and Fibonacci retracements and expansions are making this service one of the most sophisticated and powerful auto-trading solutions of 2016.

the codefibo app codefibo scam review the codefibo review

The CodeFibo Scam Review! Entire presentation untangled!

Usually binary options traders are not used to Fibonacci indicators, because they don’t understand them nor they know how to use them. Therefore, they can’t find that magic areas exploited by the big banks and professional big stack traders.

Essentially Fibonacci extension & expansions are the most versatile and one of the oldest indicators known. Fibonacci trading analysis can be combined with any other chart helping tool you can think of; price action, support and resistance, exponential moving averages, volume, trader’s tendency and so on.

  • For further information about the Fibonacci numbers and what is golden ratio click here!
  • In addition, for information regarding the indicator and how traders are applying it to its analysis click here!
  • Moreover, in the upcoming days we`ll come up with article regarding the Fibonacci trading methods, plus video tutorials.

the codefibo app codefibo scam review the codefibo review

How the CodeFibo App Works?

According to the information exposed the software is using two very powerful analysis tools and they call this strategy Fibonacci Arbitrage. The algorithm gathers and analyses two types of data.

Fibonacci retracements and expansions are providing the algorithm with few important details!

  1. Confirms the trend / reversal!
  2. Points the highest probability trading areas!
  3. Provides a strike rate and expiries!
  4. Gives potential market exit levels!

Second algorithm is the trader’s sentiment. The algorithm is gathering and analyzing crowd position data. Knowing in advantage what’s the investors current demand is one of the most essential and in the same time important aspects of all fundamental analysis. Similar to the Fibonacci the sentiment is giving additional confirmation and inside information:

  1. Confirms the market swings!
  2. Gives inside information how strong the movement will be according to the trading volumes and interest!
  3. Provides information when to get off the markets, accordingly again to the volume of supply and demand

the codefibo app the codefibo review

Creators of the CodeFibo System!

The presenter professor Matthew Lewis claims that he just came up with an idea, and he hired an APP development company to actually realize the idea. We, don’t find anything wrong in that, everything sounds okay and normal! In nowadays usually, when you have a good idea and you want to fulfill it you hire the exact people! Who eventually will create and give physical or digital birth to your idea.

CodeFibo APP The Testimonials!

We cannot say on 100% that the people who appear and testify in support of the Code Fibo are trustworthy. But at least they are not claiming to be experiencing unrealistic returns of their initial investments for short period of time. Moreover, we couldn’t find them in which is a good sign.

CodeFibo System Endorsements:

We don’t know if, the fact that the Code Fibo software is something unseen so far! Or just everyone are experiencing extraordinary results currently, but we failed to find any negative reviews! Frequently, even the legit trading systems receive some negative feedback during the first days of their public launch. Often the reason for that are undetected from the developer’s bugs! In this case however, we have 110% endorsed service and there are already many positive stories coming from the regular day-traders.

Our Experience with the CodeFibo APP!

We were permitted to test the Code Fibo Software for few days and we experienced 83% success rate. Moreover, we noticed that the capabilities of the signals are beyond any limitation! Therefore, we registered a regular account and we`ll update you with daily sessions and guidance how to use the service. So, make sure to subscribe to our Blog and YouTube channel and stay tuned for the update tutorial videos and sessions!

Features: The CodeFibo System!

The Code Fibo Software offers satisfaction even for the most sophisticated traders. The web-based platform is designed to be suitable for novice and advanced traders and its offering two types of trading options!

Auto-Trading Mode; where the investors are required to set up 3 settings and just start the robot! This feature requires no human presence or any type of chart / financial knowledge!

  • Pick the amount you would like to risk every trade!
  • Select the percentage probability of the signals!
  • Set how many trades you would like, for the robot to execute per session!
  • Start the application!

Manual Signals Trading; all investor must be aware of the higher risk this feature involves! Of course we don’t mean to scare you and completely repel you from this type of trading option! Because the signals given by the code fibo software are pretty easy to follow. Therefore, anyone can take advantage of them and all the benefits they bring to the members. However, you`ll need some trading experience or at least some knowledge regarding the trading procedures.

Pricing of The CodeFibo APP!

Currently the service is Free with no strings attached. Last update released by the creators assured us that due to the high demand they consider to make the code fibo software free upon registration for one month! In addition, the first 25 spots will receive their copies of the system free for life!

Codefibo Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Definitely something unseen so far, and very interesting!  The promotional page is okay, and you cannot find any unrealistic or misleading content. Moreover, probably the most important fact is that this trading software is 100% endorsed by the financial niche.

Usually we are dealing with badly performed money stealing schemes, that promises the world on silver platter! Or, systems that often turn to be good at the start due to their algo-trading patterns but eventually they drop the accuracy in few days or weeks. The Codefibo APP is different because it’s based on two reliable and proved over the decades trading methods, who can handle all types of markets conditions!

Review Verdict: Codefibo APP is Legit and Profitable Auto-Trading and Signal Service!

Grab Your Free Copy Here!

codefibo scam review the codefibo review

In addition, currently we are running a special offer with CodeFibo registration! If, you decide to sign up with the service you qualify and you will receive Signals Indicator for free from us! The signals indicators are original priced at $49! So, all you have to do is use one of our links or banners on this page! Further information here!

Binary Options trading is amazing way to make some additional income for you and your family. Since we always seek to provide better life to us and our families. However, jumping into the financial world, you have to be aware of few things. Due to the high demand there are many fake gurus and crooks stalking for your money! That’s why you always need to be careful with your decision making and always use good reputation trading tools and brokers!

After 1 Month the Performance of CodeFibo stays above 80%! Pretty impressive for a Fibonacci indicator oriented system!

For further questions, contact us at:

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12 thoughts on “CodeFibo APP Review! Scam or Powerful Trading System?

    1. Ryan, we believe that currently there are no brokers working with Nigeria and Codefibo together. Based on that, we can say that most likely you wont be able to register from Nigeria.

  1. Thank you for the tips. CodeFibo systems is real and profitable. Following your advises i have made $100 dollars for two days.

  2. Hi, I went to link to go to code fibo, I just want to make sure that the broker I was automatically sent to was Option Bit, is this correct? Thanks

    1. Yes, the broker is regulated and considered as safe. In addition, remind us to send you one of our Meta-trader indicators as a freebie!

  3. Wonderful. Best week ever, since i started with binary options. I made a total of $130 USD:))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. I have been waiting a long time for software like Code Fibo APP. Started as you advised and this week i managed to make $170, thanks for everything!

  5. Very nice, that software is working perfectly. I had made everything step by step and results followed!
    Guys i earn $200 dollars for one week. Awesome!!!!

  6. Is this available in India? Please answer thank you! I tried to register 10 times, but i always get the same error.

    1. No, we believe that currently the Code Fibo App is not permitted in India.

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