Coin Increase Scam or Reliable? Honest HYIP Review!

Coin Increase Scam or Reliable HYIP?

Check our opinion because it might affect your decision making!

The Coin Increase is fairly new high-yield investment program. Allegedly the service is offering really high return rates and actually that’s what drive our attention to investigate it. Usually if, you are looking for such type of investment opportunity, you have to be extremely careful! is focused on reviewing binary options services, but often we step outside of the box and we review HYIP services also. Reason for that is because they are closely connected with the investing niche.

Unfortunate fact is that so far we have never come across a legit high-yield program, but we are in a search for one!

When we research a particular HYIP we look for few very important topics, with this review we will cover them all and eventually decide if we can trust this service or not!
the coin increase

Coin Increase Scam Review! The things you should always look for!?

Initially, you have to always look for the reputation of the service. This is probably one of the most important things. Therefore, you have to always look for it no matter what kind of service you are looking at! In this case, we have completely non-supported money making opportunity. Not a single positive story true the whole social media? That fact already brings lots of suspicious but we`ll continue the investigation.

For how long the coin increase operates and are the plans realistic?

According to the information exposed on the service is operating from 25.07.2016. In that period, it has gained 542 new investors and it has paid over $1.5 million dollars in profits!

  • First, HYIP to gain so much trust and gather such investment for less than 30 days is impossible!
  • Second to already pay so much money is also looking strange!

Regarding the plans, we can state on 100% that they are absolutely ridiculous! Returns starting with 500% per day and going to 50,000% per 3 days are unreal, unrealistic and arrogant. When we saw the offered return rates, for us it became clear that this service is 100% fraud!

Is the company real?

Actually, does not offer the information regarding the organization name. Well we have some unconfirmed address somewhere in Arizona, US but that’s it.

Regarding the SSL protection on the website, yes its real but this protection worth like $25 and it does not mean anything. The basic SSL protection plans does not require company verifications and anyone can register them. The strong SSL encryptions comes with the company name before the Https://.

the coin increase scam review

Who are the creators of this HYIP?

Into the “about us” section we have 3 individuals: John Richard – CEO Founder, Mike Batton – Co Founder and Johan Vick – developer. Those are the alleged people behind this high-yield investment program. Unfortunately, they are nothing but stock models attached to names. Therefore, we can’t trust them! In addition, we can say that if the actual founders of this company want to remain anonymous they probably have a reason for that.

In this case the reason is that the Coin Increase is a bogus service! We`ll provide solid evidence in support of our statements.

the coin increase scam review

How the HYIP gain profits for its members?

Last but not least we need to cover this topic. For a HYIP its very important to be very transparent with its future investors. A reliable program should provide good explanations and show third party verified proof of the money generating methods, which they are using!

The shady creators of the coin increase scam, prefer to ignore this important matter and just say that they are “global investment organization”, which operates in the field of Forex trading. Obviously this is not much of explanation, and we have no reason to trust those words!

Coin Increase Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Again we fail to find the HYIP we can trust. Beyond any doubt this investment program must be avoided! Obviously the creators are not completely honest with us and they hide a lot of information from us. That approach rises a lot of suspicious and gain high risk chance! Using stock photos and unrealistic return rates is really not good reputation builder!

Review Verdict: The Coin Increase is 100% Scam! Beware and avoid!

We recommend that if you seek for reliable money making method you should change the investment direction. Stop looking at those Ponzi-Schemes called HYIP and invest in the normal trading industry. The first advantage is that you are in full control of your funds and you can withdraw them at any certain point! In 2016, the trading has become more and more regulated and accessible even for the non-educated investors. There are many help-trading tools such as auto-trading solutions and signal services, which allow even non-experienced users to benefit from the online markets! Since we are more familiar with the binary options niche we can afford some Trusted Binary Services! They are all tested for a long period of time and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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2 thoughts on “Coin Increase Scam or Reliable? Honest HYIP Review!

  1. Beware Coinincrease is a scam i invested but not paid is forever pending to my surprise they send me email that i must re-commit with $300 to release my profit they are criminals.

    1. ohhh Yes they say me,too
      i must invest 100$ than they can make paid out 24 hours.
      It’s scam do not invest

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