Compound Trader Scam or Legit? Honest Software Review!

Compound Trader Scam or Legit System?

Our in-depth review will transparently answer that questions for all who wonder!

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The Compound Trader is brand new binary options auto-trading system. Allegedly, this service is responsible for earning hundreds of day-traders a solid 5-digit daily income! The official presenter and creator of this new service is Doctor Albert Henderson. We are here to put all the claims made by Mr. Henderson, to a legitimacy test.

During the promotion video the mentioned individual has made some really unrealistic statements in our opinion and we will discuss all of them into this transparent review. At this point if you have received the invitational email coming from unknown location, stop! Don’t invest or register with this auto-trader before you read this important investigation article.

Compound Trader Scam Review! The truth revealed!

the compound trader software

We always advice our readers to say away from too good to be true offers. Trading the online markets is profitable business but you cannot become a millionaire for a month starting with $250 initial capital. The sterility behind this investment application is extremely suspicious and we would like to debunk all the crazy statements.

What actually the Compound Trader Software is?

According to the presenter words we are dealing with unique trading strategy. Further in the video he reveals that actually the system reinvests previous the previous profits till the trend reverses. Based on that statement we assume that we are dealing with some kind of trend following algorithm. That were our thoughts till the presenter completely throw us off the roof with his following explanations.

He shows us 2 wining trades on Google and Facebook stocks, and then he calls it a trade, and compound the following trade which is on GBP/JPY, which completely confused us! If we talk about chart trends, we need to talk about one asset not combination of several once. So, based on the all explanations combined we can conclude that the presenter is talking about some kind of overall money management strategy. Which will be applied on your trading account, automatically by the system.

No additional information regarding how the exact trading algorithm is working or on what strategy is based. For us this is extremely suspicious! First we get complicated and confusing talks about the money management and then we get no further intel regarding the exact algorithm. We assume that all those trash talks are made up to troll the novice trades out of the reality and convince them that the compound trader software is something special. Don’t be fooled folks because it’s not!

What really is compound?

At least here we have some truth from Albert. Simply, this is a re-investment method. You leave your profits into your account and re-invest them with your next investment for higher return interest. Basically its applicable into binary options trading but only from experienced traders! With software solution we feel it’s extremely risky, basically if you have $250 trading account and you win your first trade you`ll have like $400! Then reinvest them and win your second trade you`ll have like $700! Reinvesting them on your third trade but losing the trade will cause the depletion of your account and that’s it. That’s the ugly truth, and we assume it sounds risky for you at this point! That’s why we question the legitimacy of this new money making opportunity!

For how long the Compound Trader Software Operates?

The life of the trading system is one of the first things we check on. In this case the presenter Albert Henderson claims that this very system is responsible for making him a staggering profit of over 8 million dollars. We believe that this is another lie since, the official website is registered on 14.07.2016, before few days. That solid fact backed up with simple search will debunk half of the story we witness inside In addition, there is no real third party verification about how this service has made the mentioned 8 million US dollars.

the compound trader scam review

Are the estimated profits and success rate announced realistic?

Everything starts with that assertion: “You discovered a life changing app, wish will change your balance from $300 to $700,000 in less than a month period! That’s highly overextended and won’t happen!

Well, if the announced success rate of 98% was real and you reinvest your previous profit into your next trade probably you can reach the claimed $5000 per hour. But first such rates cannot be maintained by any human or software solution and secondly to make $5000 per hour you`ll probably need to have like $100k trading capital.

the compound trader scam review

Who is Dr. Albert Henderson?

The man who promise you financial freedom at your fingertips and 7 figures a month is completely unknown to the trading community. We made a vast research regarding this man, and let us tell you that we couldn’t find even Facebook or LinkedIn account.

For example, if someone manage to generate an 8 million dollars as profits using an auto trading software, there should be at least some articles accessible on the social medias describing the success.

In this case we have one man talking bunch of nonsenses and we should believe in him? No we don’t think so, for us this man is just a paid actor and nothing more. If anyone can convince us otherwise let us know!

What else can we say regarding the Compound Trader Software?

We would like to debunk three more allegations.

  • The Compound Trader APP has picked up awards all over the globe and its considered to be “the most important development in online trading since the birth of internet”! This service is 2 days old, it has never won a single dime and the actual internet does not know about it yet!
  • Every deposit will be matched with a gift! This gift Is actually a bonus coming from the broker. But what the creators hide here, is not only that it’s not coming from Albert! If you decide to take action and accept the bonus, your trading account will be restricted from withdrawing till you reach certain trading volume. In combination with the scam robot, you`ll be unable to reach the targeted volume and your money will be lost the moment you accept the bonus!
  • There are only 7 spots left?! No, this is just a pushing into registration trick, the paid actor wants to make you eager and force you into sign up process.

the compound trader scam review

Compound Trader Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Clearly we have all the scam elements on our hands, to proof beyond any doubt that this software is nothing but the next money stealing scheme. All the words spoken by the phony presenter are making no sense to us, and they are not backed up by any trustworthy authority. In addition, we have lots of false content inside, the social feed you notice there is just a fabrication. Normally if it was real, clicking on the names of those people will redirect you to their real accounts.

Based on everything we found as evidence, we advise you to stay away from the Compound Trader Software! Investing money here will be disasters and won’t leave you into financial freedom but into bad financial situation!

Review Verdict: Compound Trader Software is 100% Scam! Beware and avoid the bogus official page:!

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