Convergence Sniper is 100% SCAM! Software Review!

Convergence Sniper Scam Investigation!

This piercing review has all the answers!

Convergence Sniper is new binary options auto trading robot! Officially presented by Frank Norton this service is promising reliable trading methods during financial crisis using a convergence anomaly. We made our usual investigation and managed to find some disturbing facts around this service. This article will aim to prevent you from investing with Convergence Sniper Software in order to avoid potential money loses!

Convergence Sniper Scam Review! Why we should stay away from this trading system?

the convergence sniper software

How this software works?

The explanation we witness inside the video presentations is little bit complicated. Probably the shady developers are just trying to make it look like is something really sophisticated, acting like they are some kind of big deal programmers. No, basically the algorithm is relying on simple correlation techniques. Correlations, dependence or association is a simple relationship, whether casual or not, between two variables or two sets of data. It’s really apply able into the trading world and many traders are executing it. Into the presentation its given example with same direction correlating assets. But in reality there are also opposite correlations! Simple as if, USD is weak GOLD is expected to will rise. Sometimes there is small delay and the movements can be caught by the traders. The trading method is okay, we don’t have anything against that, but everything else inside is total crap! Actually the only thing we don’t like here are the claims about 100% return rates! The presenter several times stated then if you invest like $10 and you win your trade you`ll get $10 profit! Wrong, the average return rates in binary trading are around 75% – 80%, meaning that you need more than 50% win rate to be on the money!

the convergence sniper software

We will jump straight on the point! The alleged presenter Frank Norton and his imaginary Soviet Mathematician Dr. Vladimir X are not real. Frank is just a stock photo attached to name aiming to give some credibility to the system. We also, couldn’t find anything on the mysterious mathematician. We don’t see him participate into the video presentation and based on the fact that the other man is stock mode, we conclude that they both does not exist!

Are the many success stories real?

No! half of the people are invented identities just like the presenter! The other half are paid actors hired from online marketplace called! We`ll reveal some of their real identities just to support our words! In general, we couldn’t find any real success stories from day traders anywhere around the social medias! That’s extremely big red flag. Clearly if the service was really working there will be lots of real stories describing the achievements of the investors using the Convergence Sniper Software. A real binary options service will never fabricate positive feedback to grain authority!

the convergence sniper software

Convergence Sniper Scam Review! The Conclusion!

When we investigate a system or a broker we look for few key details. Are the people behind this real? Are the methods described really applicable into the options trading? Is there any positive feedback around the web, that can support the system / brokerage? Remember there is nothing more respected then a true honest day trader opinion! In this case we have an applicable trading methods but everything else is bogus, the people the testimonials everything is one big deception! We advise you to stay away from this service, putting your money here won’t be wise!

Review Verdict: Convergence Sniper Software is a 100% SCAM! Avoid the fraud operation behind!

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