Crazy Finance Limited Scam HYIP

Crazy Finance Limited Scam Investigation!

Read this review before you put your money inside this HYIP!

Crazy Finance Limited is new high-yield investment program operating for 6 days now. The company is registered in United Kingdom and has registration number of 10161411. The company is real and the website has real SSL protection registered on the company, for that we want to give them credit! The organization offers few high yield investment plans, with percentage from 2% to 4%(per day) from 7 to 28 days. The most lucrative of the lock down plans is the 28 days one, since you are going to double your investment! Everything sounds very tempting but is it going to happen? We have some words to say, you better have some time to read, it might save you from losing money!

crazy finance scam review crazy finance limited

Crazy Finance Scam Review! Should we trust this HYIP!??

Before few weeks we due to consistent emails from our subscribers we decided to start reviewing other money making opportunities as you all already know. Particularly for the HYIP methods we watch for few very key and important elements! We’ll continue this article by going true all important details you should check before you decide to put your money into a HYIP!

  1. Is the corporation behind the program real? In this case we have real firm in the face of Crazy Finance Limited! We start with a good sign!
  2. For how long this high-yield investment program is running? Basically the longer it is the safer It is! This one is running from only 6 days, this is a big stoppage for us! So far we haven’t come across a legit HYIP with long life! Probably that’s why we are very skeptical about those investment methods! We are trying hard to find something reliable but so far with no success. Six days are extremely small period of time, and this is enough to repel us from putting our money here.
  3. Are there any real people involved within the content on the official page? Inside we have only one real men appearing. He does not present himself with a name, but he speaks using “our” clearly meaning that he must be alleged with this website. The video is short and does not have much of an information, the man speaks about financial experts and traders but we don’t see them in the video. We made a small research regarding this man because he seemed familiar to us. It turned out that he is a paid actor, selling gigs on an online marketplace. We are strongly against false content! using of paid actors as presenters or for creating positive feedback for your service is never a good sing! It means that the people behind Crazy Finance Limited prefer to stay anonymous. Immediately, a questions appear in our mind. If, this is legit service and everything is real, then why the creators are not proud to show themselves to the public? It’s the most honest and right thing to do if you are really serious! We`ll expose the real identity of that presenter as evidence, in order to back up our words!
  4. Are the return rates of the targeted investment program realistic? Here, we actually have quite realistic return rates, but that already does not matter because of the previous 2 red flags!
  5. Do we have any type of endorsement or any real positive feedback on the addressed service? We couldn’t find any reputed endorsements or support from any authorities’ website! There are few monitor watching this HYIP but that’s it, and even their rating regarding this investment opportunity is quite low. Real testimonials from investors do not exist anywhere in the web!

Evidence link leading to the real identity of this man:

crazy finance scam review

Crazy Finance Scam Review! The Summary!

Add realistic return rates, real company and just explain how Forex trading or trading overall is very sophisticated and complicated is not enough! As you can see we started extremely good our review with good intentions but after we discovered that the method is only few days old and there is an actor involved we just turned the page to our aggressive side! Actually trading is not so hard thing, hard is to have the qualities of a trader. Virtues as patience, consistency and discipline! Typically, the HYIP methods are something like pyramid schemes. Well originally they should be working like hedge funds, gathering money, managing the amounts properly by professional traders and eventually make money for everyone involved. Unfortunately, so far we have come across only other type of HYIP, who operate with dishonest methods. HYIP methods with very high returns rates announced just to attract new members! The creators are paying the returns of the old investors with the money coming from the fresh investors. Typically, such money stealing scheme won’t last long because of the upcoming financial issues due to the high payout rates. We believe that putting your money into Crazy Finance Limited will be disasters!

Final Verdict: Crazy Finance Scam possibility 99.9%! Beware and avoid at this point!

We advise you to rely on the already tested and proven working methods to make money online! Using trading tools such as Forex or Binary Options is the best way to make money online! If, you are a novice trader you can sign with many help trading tools, and outperform any HYI program! For safer alternatives to Crazy Finance Limited, we invite you to visit our Top Recommended Signals Page!

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