Crypto Binary Is Just another SCAM HYIP!

Crypto Binary is Just Another HYIP SCAM!

Our in-depth review will reveal all the evidence!

Crypto Binary is new High-Yield Trading Program, which should be avoided. The reason behind our words is combination of scam elements we found inside their official page. Normally when you seek for money making opportunity you have to make sure of few things. The most important is to check the reliability of the company. That’s how you`ll be able to withdraw your funds if you are not pleased with their service. Investing in questionable organization, involves inadmissible risk. This article aims to safe some of your money!

the crypto binary scam review

Crypto Binary Scam Review! The truth behind the false promises.

Before you put money into any money making opportunity, always check few things. When you are looking at HYIP the most important things are the company and how long is the life of the HYIP!

  • According to the information exposed Crypto Binary Limited is regulated by Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySEC) with number 215/13. The company headquarters is settled in London, UK. Our investigation found out that they are providing fabricated document, this registration number belongs to other company named: A-Conversio Capital Ltd. We start with big red flag, proving illegal activities.
  • Also, we checked the life of the domain, its registered on 31.03.2016. Additional, red flag since the information exposed says that the company operates from 2013 year.

Now we`ll move to some of the claims made into the short presentation video. Anyway, we are already very skeptical because obviously this company does not exist or it’s some king of untraceable shady company.

The Crypto Binary Scam is focused into management of financial resources!

We are not sure about you but we strongly advise you to avoid investing with such dubious looking organizations. This firm looks like a black hole, not a money management fund.

How the investment firm is generating profits for you?

The presenter is revealing two money generating ways.

  • “Mining Crypto Currencies true their highly profitable crypto mining strategies.” We are not sure if the scam artists behind this fraud really know what crypto mining is but we know. Basically, crypto mining is digital process true physical mining farms. You need video cards or mining machines to actually mine crypto currencies and then sell them onto the exchanges, or trade to Bitcoins and then sell them. We won’t get into details but if you are curious search google for “Mining rigs” and you`ll get a glimpse of how farms look like. Homemade or professional they are physically existing and the phrase “mining strategies” are just not appropriate.
  • “All investments are handled by highly accurate automated software?” Here we get another randomly thrown money management topic. They are not showing us such software or how it works, or on what algorithms is based. We need to believe that its highly accurate? We don’t think so!
  • The Crypto Binary Scam also generates money true real trading methods. They have a team of well-known traders, which have decade+ experience into the financial world. Who are they? No names, are revealed and we don’t see them onto!? Since, there is no real proof we just assume they are part of the overall deception.

On top of all the trash we experienced we also have a fake actor representing the investment program. You can order the same video for $5 – $10 bucks from online marketplace called We`ll reveal the true identity of this person as evidence!

the crypto binary scam review

Final advice: Always seek for second opinion from reputed industry blog before you invest with online opportunity!

We researched the social medias for any success stories regarding Crypto Binary Limited. As we were expecting, we came across only negative feedback!


This organization is a total fraud! We have fabricated documents, unrealistic claims and extremely bad looking website. There is not a single credible thing that can support the reputation of this opportunity! Stay away from The Crypto Binary Scam! Investing here will not lead you into something good!

Review Verdict: Crypto Binary Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid

So far we have researched several HYIP services but we failed to find a reliable one! We`ll continue reviewing such systems as they are closely related with our trading niche. So far, our opinion regarding those investment programs is terrible, all of them are lousy liars! We advise you to stick with the already proven money making ways in the face of binary options and forex. There are good trading services for all types of traders, novice or advanced. We invite you to check our Top Trading Services. Keep in mind that legit as they are, you can’t become millionaire overnight! But you can add some nice income to your monthly payouts!

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