Currency Club Software Is a SCAM! Warning Review!

Currency Club Scam Investigation!

Read our transparent review before you decide to join this investment opportunity!

Currency club is new money making opportunity! The service is providing its investors with the chance to gain wealth true the vast world of trading. Our research found that the system is using binary options as money generator. During our in-depth research we also came across some disturbing facts around this service. Bear with us for five minutes and read this article, we believe that it will affect your decision making!

Currency Club Scam Review! The hidden truth!

Normally, when a you want to be honest and transparent with your potential customers you will want to give lots of information about your product. In this case we don’t know why but the creators are avoiding to say the truth! Which is that this service is based on binary options trading. Everything smells fishy from the very beginning!

What exactly is the Currency Club software?

According to the information exposed, and we our personal research we found out that this is a binary options trading tool. All based on some form of copy trading method. So far nothing wrong with the service, but thing is that there are many other scam elements involved.

In addition, we have claims of how everything behind this operation is managed by professional analysis. They call this group the currency squad, so their work is to monitor and execute high probability trades. Simply said, your copy of the software will mimic their trades.

Okay but it seems that there are no expert traders, because we don’t see them in the video nor they share their names so we can confirm them as real people!

Is Robert Kevin, the presenter real person?

No, he is completely invented personality. Probably that’s why he is hidden behind typical scam looking video, all covered by voice over acting! We will provide you with a screenshot exposing this man as stock model! Therefore, the dishonesty continues! Remember, that no legit system will create fake personalities to represent its product!

currency club software

Is the testimonial from Rachel real?

Soon as the video presentation starts we notice a female testifying how the currency club software is the real deal. Yes, there is nothing more hones then the real day trader feedback! Unfortunately, in this occasion we have another paid actor, testifying for something bogus! We`ll reveal the real person behind Rachel as evidence!\

Link leading to the real “Rachel”:

currency club software 2

Estimated Profits?

The currency club software has already provided 15,000 members with financial freedom true the last 5 months. The extremely high accuracy of 94% is responsible for that success.

That’s what voice over actor claims, but is it possible?! Well first think about it, if 15k people are having success with binary options trading service, why there are no success stories available on the web? There is not a single story describing those people’s success!

Also, don’t be fooled by the news portals under the video: Bloomberg Business, CNN, BBC and so on. There is not a single word written about the currency club software on those financial news sources!

What else?

In addition, we can point how the presenter is avoiding to give any reliable information about the company behind this investment application, or any CEO / Founder names! This is because they don’t exist, and sharing more detailed information can easily expose them!

And lastly, take a look at the member’s photos under the video! Luis Reynoldz, Vladimir Avilov, Ryan Smith etc. They are also, just stock photos! It seems that the deception continues to the very end!

currency club scam review

Currency Club Scam Review! The Conclusion!

 Probably we don’t have to say that everything inside looks very suspicious! The unrealistic claims long with the fabricated reality is good enough evidence for us! We advise you to stay away from this money making opportunity! Simply because it’s a fraud operation and if you put money here the chance for losing them is very big!

Review Verdict: Currency Club Scam Confirmed on 100%! Beware and avoid!

Binary options are a lucrative field, there is no doubt about that! But due to the high demand there are many similar scam services, stalking for the newcomers! That’s why, we advise you to always be careful with your decision and seek for second opinion! For safer alternatives make sure to check out Top Rated Services! They are all tested and trusted by the trading community!

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