Daily Trader Club Scam Danger

Daily Trader Club is Silly Scam!

The exposure review will reveal all the scam elements inside this dubious page: dailytraderclub.co

Daily Trader Club is a new fully automated binary options robot. The service is supposed to make tens of thousands of dollars’ risk free, on full autopilot for very short period of time. Thing is that such software solutions does not exist. Yes, you can make money with binary options trading but you can’t expect to become filthy rich in matter of weeks starting with initial deposit of $250! This too good to be true offer is just the next scam. This unbiased scam review will reveal all the bogus facts and we`ll provide clear evidence proofing our claims.

daily trader club scam review

Daily Trader Club Scam Review! All the hidden details.

Landing onto dailytraderclub.co, you can immediately notice few very questionable elements. A hurry up license counter starting form 9:09 and refreshing form the same digit on every 9 seconds. Seals of “verified results and trades” clearly not backed up with any real authority, making them just design seals.

CNN, BBC and NBC News endorsement badges long with some articles under them all displaying how good this Software is. We made research and checked all of those gigantic news portals for any lead on this trading system. Not surprisingly we found that those articles are just fabricated for the snap shot in way to support this investment app, and the names involved inside!

Further down after the false credentials we have some “happy” members who already enjoy the wealth provided by this amazing trading system! No matter if we speak for Keith Lawrence, Peter Curtis, Ayanna O’Brien or Dedrea Moore, they all have only one thing in common and definitely it’s not the usage of Daily Trader Club. Quick Google Search by image expose all of them as free stock models attached to names. Those fake personalities are created to bring credibility to Daily Trader Scam and support it with some success stories. But how can we believe in fabricated stories?

At the bottom of the dailytraderclub.co page we have some social feed from Facebook and Twitter. Don’t be fooled, it’s just more bogus content all designed by the shady developers.

Now let’s say something about the presentation video and the people involved with this software. We have 14 mins long sales pitch covered by voice over acting. That’s right we don’t see any real faces inside the promotion. The main alleged narrator is Stephen Gilbert but all covered by voice over. And the research regarding this personality failed, we couldn’t find anything on him! The back ground story of Daily Trader Club scam is bizarre! The actor claims that a friend of him just showed him this amazing opportunity created by 4 people: Jeff and Bojing a math geniuses and Richard and Amrit described as Einstein’s of open source coding. So those are all the names involved with this software. There is simple reason why they all come within one name only, because it’s impossible to investigate the identities! We don’t see them in person or any pictures of them into the video so we just assume they are also phony. The information exposed regarding the software itself if really small actually the only useful data is that the service is using binary options as trading tool. The actor spent all the 14 minutes to explain how good life is, when you have financial freedom. Nice, but showing sport cars, fancy apartments and exotic places is really not the video we want to see.

Behind this screenshot we`ll provide link as Evidence:


Daily Trader Club Scam Alert!

We have pointed like 4 – 5 really strong red flags in order to repel you from signing with this bogus system. The appearance of so much fake identities and stock photos is really good barometer for the credibility of the investigated service. During our scam war we have never found a system that work properly involving so much phony elements. Daily Trader Club is just the next lousy scam, which deserves warm spot in our black list!

Review Verdict: Daily Trader Club Scam Suspect Confirmed! Avoid dailytraderclub.co!

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