Dinero en 30 dias Scam Revealed! Spanish Speaking Oriented!

Dinero en 30 Dias IS SCAM!

This review will explain why you should avoid this trading system.


Dinero en 30 Dias is new binary options service targeting the Spanish speaking part of the globe. In addition, they even add a female who translate everything using the sign language. We find that little bit cruel because targeting Spanish niche is one, targeting people in disadvantage condition is complitly different approach. Its lousy, its nasty and we will be xtremly agressive against this unhuman attitude. The software is basically promising financial freedom! After we analyzed the video and the website using translator we can strongly confirm that this is a fraud operation. Stay tuned for 2 minutes we`ll explain everything in this short article.

dinero en 30 dias scam review

Dinero en 30 dias Scam Review! The hidden details behind false promises!

The fraud is fairly simple, the purpose of the video and the website overall has one single goal. To feed you with positive stories and eventually mage you eager and push you into registration. Basically, we are dealing with some strange service with strange usage terms and conditions. The creators will take 3% interest of your profits while you`ll keep 97%. First this is not backed up with any contract signing during the registration process and secondly it sounds suspicious! If you don’t make profits they will steal deduct the percentage of your account? Overall, how this software works remains secret, which is another major big flag!

Why such looking video promotions can’t be trusted?
First its covered by voice over acting, the alleged founder and CEO is Oscar but he does not show his face during the presentation so its probably ably invented personality! Whey we conclude this so fast? Well, we have our reasons, and we`ll explain them. During the video they show us consistently people who claim to be generating like $500,000 per month with Dinero e 30 dias software. The photos you see are just stock photos attached to names, we will expose evidence. The testimonials made by real people are also fabricated. Those people are hired from website called fiverr.com, where you can pay to amateur actors for testimonial videos. The actors will create such looking video for $5 – $10, and say anything you want in front of a camera. On top of that, the “trustworthy” investors are showing trading accounts containing big amount of money, but take a look at the dates! Some of them are showing account screenshots from 2015 year.  Well it’s impossible because the official domain dineroen30dias.net is registered on 29.02.2016, obviously the system can’t be used before that date! Such time conflicting bogus elements are everywhere on this page, making it even more dubious!

dinero en 30 dias software

Even if those people where real we will not believe in this trading system again, because the estimated profits are extremely unrealistic. Starting with $300, cannot make you millionaire for 2 months or even 5 months trading binary options. If that was possible and such auto trading algorithm, it will probably win Nobel price and it will definitely be announced on every news portal!

Before you enter into conclusion we would like to say that this scam has also English version. The name is 97% partners, click on the name to check the other exposure review! Basically it’s pretty much the same fraud, same video, same concept and same lies.

dinero en 30 dias scam review

Alberto Pascual is actually stolen identity, the real person is named Xavier Alcala! Miguel Gaitan is Also Stolen Photo!

Scam Review, the Conclusion!

We believe that the exposed evidence and the connection between 97% partners and Dinero en 30 dias are enough to mark this as a SCAM! In binary options trading and overall in the financial world, too good to be true offers are plot of crooks! Make sure to avoid similar looking offers because investing with them will be disasters for your budget.

Review Verdict: Dinero en 30 Dias Scam Confirmed! Avoid this bogus page: dineroen30dias.net!

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