Disrupt Trading Scam Exposed! Honest Review!

Disrupt Trading Scam or Reliable?

This review will answer your questions associated with this trading system!


Disrupt Trading Software is new binary options investment application. The alleged presenter is Greg Hardman and he is really ballsy man! The estimated profits with this trading system are between $12k to $15k per day and all this on full auto pilot! After we saw the expected profits we immediately triggered our investigation due to the unrealistic claim. We believe that the service is not worth trying and we`ll provide you with all the evidence needed.

the disrupt trading software

Disrupt Trading Scam Review! The suspicious facts!

How this service works? The algorithm is based on some kind of glitch / error, in the financial markets. There are many fake stories of how traders claim to be abusing some bug in order to generate huge amounts of money! The founder of The Disrupt Trading Software Greg Hardman, described as former Wall Street tech specialist is one of those people. He claims that while he was on his former job he managed to exploit a security hole and while the traders of Wall Street were losing money he was making fortunes. Such stories are not something new to the financial auditory. Those too good to be true stories are just a myth, true my entire trading carrier started back at 2006 year, I have never come across a real bug in the financial online markets. Those stories can easily be compared to the fairy tales you tell your kid before bed!

We made investigation associate with the creator’s identity, Greg Hardman. Surprisingly or not, his name is associated only with this new released website disrupttrading.com. That fact is quite doubtful, in most cases the legit trading systems are created by well-known trader / analysts, or by good programmers but based on real trading and fundamental analysis! In this case we have completely unknown person stating bunch of nonsense!

As we speak for bizarre statements, let’s discuss the promised profits; $12,000 plus per day! This is totally impossible if we speak for average starting budget, which is considered from $250 to $500. Well, traders with huge trading accounts $100k+ are generating such profits but rarely and we are really far from that trading budgets of course. Normal legit trading system such as NEO2, can go up to maybe $600 profits per day but again you must have like at least $1k trading budget. With minimum investment of $250 and good trading tool, traders can expect profits from $50 to like $150 per day, that’s the absolute maximum you can pull off!

Disrupt Trading Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Don’t be fooled by the fancy cars, mansions and the big amounts spited by the filthy mouth of Greg Hardman. We are not attracted by those types of pushing into registration lousy tricks. Normally we are looking for other credibility bringing things. Such as, good explanations of how the algorithm works, proper endorsement by the trading community and overall realistic goals! With Disrupt Trading software we don’t observe any of the above mentioned ingredients, we hear only lies and over-promising statements. We advise you to stay away from disrupt trading software, because putting money inside will be disasters for you!

Final Verdict: Disrupt Trading Scam Busted!!! Beware and Avoid Engagement with disrupttrading.com.

Binary Options is good money making opportunity, unfortunate due to the high demand there are many scams stalking the newcomers. That’s why we always advice our readers to seek for second opinion before they take decision to invest with service or brokerage! For safer and tested alternatives to Disrupt Trading Software, check our Top Recommended Binary Services! Legit as they are, please just apply common sense and don’t expect unrealistic profits coming from them!

For further questions or if, you want to report fraudulent activities, reach us at: BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com

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