Dollar Trade Scam Olimp Finance EXPOSED

300 Dollar Trade Scam Review! Aka Olimp Finance Scam Review!

The service is actually not a service it’s just an advertising page! Read this unbiased review!

300 Dollar Trade by Olimp Finance is some kind of advertising website. They are offering $300 for free after you register with Olimp Finance. The alleged voice over actor is presented as account manager from working in this brokerage. Jack Emery has one goal, to convince us and make us sign up so he can call us via phone and eventually offer his guidance in exchange he will ask you to deposit $300 with This is one big joke, but for the newcomers it can sound a good offer! We didn’t confirm if, you actually receive the money after depositing because it’s a suicide mission to confirm that. However, there are a lot of bogus details we want to point out in this investigation review, so bear with us!


300 Dollar Trade Scam Review

300 Dollar Trade Scam Review! All the unexplained details surrounding!

Landing on, you need to notice few things! The endorsement badges are fake, they are non-clickable and they don’t lead into the authority websites where they should lead. Of course this page is not SSL, you can notice that the URL does not contain green padlock and it’s not starting with HTTPS://. The other badges are complete joke and they don’t mean anything, no trust wordy verification at all!

Besides the fail authority seals, we have some annoying popups and some strange sliding bar that shows us some of the 300-dollar trade investors. Those identities are fabricated, we made simple research by image via Google, it turns out that those people are fake! We are looking at stock photos attached to names and it seems that their testimonials are all bogus. Using such lame made trick to testify your credibility means that this brokerage is really not having any happy clients.


300 Dollar Trade Scam Review

The site is created on 07.03.2016 so its brand new advertising page. There is only one more thing we would like to discuss – the presentation video! It’s very short 3 minute fully pushing into registration video nothing more. All made by voice over acting, another major red flag. If Hack Emery was real and legit, he will show himself to the wide public. The google search regarding that identity doesn’t show that this people is known as good trader, or anything like that. It’s completely unknown personality, all the posts that appear are associate with

Now we will tell you what’s all about with this “free” $300 US Dollars.

The whole story is one lousy trick! A way to advertise a new broker and in same way to bring fresh clients, which will be ripped off in very nasty way! We don’t know if you are going to receive those $300 USD but let’s imagine for second that the offer is real! Now we`ll explain what will happen after you put your names email and phone into the registration form. A person will call from probably presenting himself by the name of Jack Emery if, they continue the scam fashion. So this guy will tell you that he’s your new account manager and he will guide you true your trading carrier, and give you advice and stuff like that. As we said if, they want to keep the scam he will want to give you the $300 in one condition! You`ll be asked to deposit $300 into the broker in exchange you`ll receive the $300 as bonus! The information that you won’t receive in proper and clean to understand way is that this bonus will lock down your account till you reach certain trading volume. In short words this means that you won’t be able to withdraw your initial deposit. The guy will start convincing you that you are in good hands in Olimp Finance and he will help you to generate a lot more money and this trading volume is nothing for his professional skills! In worst scenario you`ll start listening, and eventually he will lead you into losing positions because brokers make money when you lose money! That’s the hard truth and you need to be aware of the situation! $300 Dollar Trade is one big lousy scheme!

Olimp Finance is very new broker involving very high risk, according to the search the broker official website is registered on 26.10.2015! The website is SSL protected but the security is at very low value. High security websites will include the company name in the URL, take a look at, you`ll understand the difference! We did research regarding the broker Olimp Finance and it appear that they also have bad reputation, which is just another big red flag.

300 Dollar Trade Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We thing that our scam review exposed why you need to stay away from this “free” offer. It’s actually not free, they will ask you to invest so basically its lousy trick! In the worst scenario, the account managers will push you into investing more than $300 and we assure you that those moneys will be lost the moment you take that bonus! The brokerage Olimp Finance is Unregulated broker investing money with them contains immense risk!

Review Verdict: 300 Dollar Trade Scam Confirmed! Avoid and!

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Trade Scam Olimp Finance EXPOSED

  1. I had a call today from an”account manager’ from this company who wanted me to join up. Hem said I had registered om line but I had not. I know that if you do register to find out details of software your details get sent to every Tom, Dick or Harry in the trading world and you receive 10 to 12 calls a day from gophers wanting you to sign up with their platform. He asked me to invest straightaway,but when I declined on grounds of not having enough money to invest £250, he asked when would I have it and arranged to phone back on that date.
    Thank goodness I found this site and will not be joining Olimpfinance scammers united. I have been scammed too many times before.

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