Dream Catcher Scam or Good? Unbiased Software Review!

Dream Catcher Scam or Legit?

Important: Read this review BEFORE, you take any money involving decisions!

Official website: dream-catcher.co

Dream Catcher Software is repeating and brain washing scam! We`ll start this investigation review really aggressive but there is a reason for that. The so called money making opportunity, is just an old scam, which continues to shapeshift and lie more people. Stay with us we have a lot to say here, but overall we are looking at pretty easy to debunk trading offer.

Allegedly this investment app is supposed to earn you $4250, every day for the rest of your life. All this is guaranteed by Matthew Warner. He makes sure to really brainwash our minds by repeating more than 40 times, every member will receive $4250 on the next day. Furthermore, he boldly claims that he`ll make 30 people millionaires!

In this article we`ll go over most of the suspicious details and also we will relate this scam with older scam just in backup of all our statements!

the dream catcher software

Who is Matthew Warner?

Officially he is represented as 49 years old millionaire, who gained his persona wealth of 27 million US dollars as trader on Wall Street. There he was personally mentored by Alexander Mendez.

Thing is that we researched for this man and we couldn’t find anything about him. Usually the Wall Street millionaires are well known by the search engines! In this case we have complete anonymity! That fact is really suspicious, just take note here.

What actually Dream Catcher Software is?

At the beginning the creator starts by explaining how this is not a binary options service but he will be sending money to all the members from his personal $27 mil wealth! Truth is that this is a trading software using binary options tool so obviously he is lying. Further in the video he starts to reveal that it’s a trading tool, but a good one he says. However here we`ll debunk some of his words!

the dream catcher software

Will you receive $4250 everyday?

We already know that this is binary options app! All application of this sort need broker registrations. All broker has their own terms and conditions, regarding the money withdraws. We`ll just say as example that the minimum time for withdraw is 2-3 business days. Therefore, we have more lies here.

You need to Download the app in order to use it?

No, the service is not-downloadable, we have a web-based platform which do not require from you to download files on your computer. Clearly, the presenter here reveals himself as paid actor more than creator. If he really developed this system, he should know that it’s not a downloadable product, obviously!

The service is 100% free, and you don’t need credit / debit card!

Hahaha, probably this is the most common marketing trick in the book! Every system related with the online markets requires investment. You need to create account with broker or directly with exchange and fund that account with cash. Practically it’s like a bank account. Obviously, in order to start placing those positions you need to have some money in your trading account.

We, don’t know why the scam-artists here are hiding this fact, but it really shows that they are not transparent!

The system will except 15 days per day for 2 days and that’s it?

No, this is just strong pushing into registration tactic. Let’s apply common sense here and debunk this together it’s very easy! The official domain dream-catcher.co is live from 28.09.2016. The promotional video on YouTube is live from 02.10.2016. Today is 04.10.2016. If everything was real about the 30 people limitation, this website and this video will be long gone! Therefore, we have just another red flag here!

the dream catcher software

How the Dream Catcher Software works?

We get really crazy explanations coming from Matthew Warner, which are not really synced with the reality!

  1. All trading happens on their own bare metal servers, scattered all around the globe.
  2. High-performance connectivity, allows the global superfast network to provide low latency and massive capacity bandwidth.
  3. There is support team, which will monitor all your trading positions, and eventually save the bad once!
  4. Rapid Counter Measures or RCM is fence trading algorithm, which will also scan your positions and eventually open opposite trades! Making losing even 1 cent with this software mathematically impossible.
  5. Nothing inside Dream Catcher Software is outsourced.

Now we`ll debunk all this crap talking!

  • According to the fifth statement, the company is not using brokers but it’s like a direct exchange. They owe facilities, traders, servers and so on. However, there is no proof that such headquarters exist. We don’t see the traders, there are no real addresses exposed on dream-catcher.co. Therefore, we cannot speak about trustworthy information at all!
  • The RCM is complete trash-talk. Even if this algorithm does exist, and do really save your trading positions you`ll still end up losing at least 20% of your initial investment. Return rates in binary options are averaging 75-80% meaning that If you open 2 trades and you win one you still lose some money!

Last nail in the coffin!

The whole storyline of this fraud is familiar to us from other scam called Insured Trading, check the review. Also, if you have time watch the two videos of Insured and Dream Catcher Scam, and compare them! WE have the very same story tweaked here, new name and new actor! Basically that’s it!

Dream Catcher Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are dealing with money stealing scheme! Investors who decide to join this trading offer will lose their funds, and there will be no one to complain to! We have completely unrealistic story with very strange and unrealistic offers! The explanations provided by the so called founder Matthew Warner are out of this world, and they cannot be applied within binary options trading!

Review Verdict: Dream Catcher Scam is confirmed on 100%! Beware and do not touch the bogus services settled at dream-catcher.co

One more negative review regarding this fraud on binary options scanner!

Binary Options Trading can be very lucrative but you have to be aware of the fact that there are many crooks stalking for your money! That’s why you need to always use good reputed trading solutions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Solutions! They are 100% endorsed by the community and tested for long period of time!

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the dream catcher software

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3 thoughts on “Dream Catcher Scam or Good? Unbiased Software Review!

  1. great review it looked a complete scam on first sight, if it is to good to be true then it usually is and $4250 everyday for life is mind blowing and totally unrealistic.
    thank you

  2. Dream catcher are just looking to catch unsuspecting victims. Great review, your observations really lay it how it is

  3. Thank you Vent… for revealing crooks for us. Nice review, i like the way you expose the scheme. Everything sound really fishy and this guy Matthew Warner, only want’s to steal our money. Just think who would like to give you $4250 dollars per day, every day, from his own capital, and want’s nothing in return. It smell of fraud from afar.
    Every self – respecting binary options trader, would trust a professional broker.
    I am glad that you share your investigations with us. That’s help me a lot in my choice of software’s on which to bet.

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