Dream Profits Scam Elements Found

Dream Profits Scam?

This honest software review is going to clear out this question!

Dream Profits is brand new money making online opportunity! The alleged presenter and father of this investment app is Matthew Warner. He’s displayed as 49 years old Wall Street Trader with net Worth of over $27 million dollars. Now he is looking for 15 more regular people who will become millionaires overnight. Well this is little overextended and he admit it because eventually everything will be lowered down to $4250 daily profits all guaranteed by Mr. Warner and his net fortune!  All you need to do is agree to make a 3-minute Dream Profit Survey after 60 days of using this software. Long with few minor registration steps you need to follow in order to start your trading system! Everything really sounds like a dream, and unfortunately it will remain dream, because this service is just a scam and this review will explain very clear why!

The Dream profits scam review

The Dream Profits Scam Review! The hidden truth behind the pretty face!

We really don’t like how shady everything is presented during the promotion video on dreamprofits.co. The associate actor Matthew Warner claims that he is transparent person, and he want to make everything super clear and understandable. In the same time, he presents the Dream Profit Survey in super suspicious way, with many conflicting statements. First, if you want to be honest and gain authority you`ll explain to your potential investors in what they will put their money! He claims that The Dream Profits APP is not a binary options auto trading solution, and its completely different form all those “binary schemes”! Good, but the truth is that this software, is exactly using binary options trading tool! Why he is not honest? We don’t know but for us this is suspicious!

The nearly 30-minute presentation video aims to trick you out and push you into registration with all those “only 15 spots left” nonsenses. This is just a push into registration trick and if you come back tomorrow they will be still 15 spots left!

Next he guarantees and claim that everyday till the rest of your life you receive at least $4250 into your bank account like clockwork! The sum does not bother us, no matter that its overextended and to make such profits per day you will need quite high account budget! What bothers us here is that he repeats that you`ll make that exact sum of money every day like 30 times during the video. That feels like brain washing and it is, because in addition he spent lots of time explaining what you can afford if you are financially independent.

Next statement that bugs us: The Dream Profits Software never loses trades! Clearly pretending that this software has 100% success rate. Technically such accuracy is impossible no matter if you are using Forex, binary options or any other investing tool! The online markets are driven by many factors and fundamentals all around the globe, making them quite unpredictable. That’s why no one can achieve 100% accuracy!

We have a 30-minute video and actually no explanation of how The Dream Profits APP is working. Well we got some kind of explanation but its complete nonsenses. Meaning absolutely nothing on trader language, or any kind of technical language. In matter of fact he even goes into another conflicting statement! The fort key element of The Dream Profits Software is algorithm called Rapid Counter Measure (RCM). The algorithm aims to back up losing trades, so after the software take particular position it triggers the RCM and if the algorithm decides that there is a chance of losing this trade its opening a trade in the opening direction. Something like fence safe trading but not quite! So opening 2 trades in the opposite directions will lead to 1 losing trade. Yes, it will decrease your loss because on the one trade you`ll lose 100% of your investment and the wining one will return up to 80%, eventually making you lose only 20% of that double trade position. But what happened with the 100% accuracy? Such conflicting claims really reveal Matthew Warner more as actor then as real trader from Wall Street!

Actually who’s Matthew Warner is he really the person he claims to be?!

Normally the trading community traces the world’s most successful traders. There are articles, reviews, interviews and all kinds of information pops up on google when you search for their names. A trader who makes 27 million by trading the financial markets is considered as successful one. So, in order to back up his success story we research google for the trader’s identity Matthew Warner! Unfortunate truth is that the only posts, which appear in google related to this personality are associated with dreamprofits.co and his Dream Profits APP. That rises high doubts regarding the honesty of Mr. Warner! For us he is just an actor, and there is no trust worthy proof that can proof otherwise!

The Dream profits software

We also made quick investigation around the actual official website dreamprofits.co. For some testimonials from the so called already successful members of the Dream Profits Software. We found some, because in the bottom right corner, consistently appear photos of people who are making money. Well, don’t be fooled everyone they are just phony stock photos attached to names! In some cases real people but who have nothing in common with trading or with The Dream Profits Software. The bogus content really drops the authority of the service; no one likes the fact that they invent identities in order to give themselves credibility!

Alex Bellos is real person but in this case the developers are just stealing his photos and name! The man surly doesn’t know that he participate in dreamprofits.co

the Dream profits scam review

Dream Profits Scam Review! The summary!

The website dreamprofits.co is full of bogus content. The video contains countless amounts of scam elements, covered with misleading and over-promising unenlisting statements. Everything is created in really dishonest way, the fake CEO Matthew Warner is throwing lies everywhere, in same way he displays himself as truthful person! No, The Dream Profits APP is complete scam, investing with this software will make you LOSE Money! We highly recommend that you stay away from this service!

Review Verdict: Dream Profits Scam Confirmed!! Beware Avoid dreamprofits.co!!

New to trading industry? You need to know few things! First binary options are lucrative field, that’s why there are such crooks creating such looking scam trading systems! Always, look for second opinion from the community before you invest! You can make good money but trading the online markets, but using legit tools is crucial! Binary Options Spot is dedicated to reveal scams like (The Dream Profits Software) and constantly tests different trading systems! During that period, we have created a Trusted Service List, we invite you to take a look! We’ll just keep in mind that those services won’t guarantee daily profit of $4250, but still they can add really nice income to your monthly income!

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