Drexel Code Scam Revealed

 Drexel Code Scam Review

Another software claiming bizarre high wining rate, read this important review we will cover all the critical points of The Drexel Code!


Drexel Code Scam Or Legit!? We have a new binary options service, which gets really high attention by the day-traders. The service was officially launched before 7 – 8 hours and we are already getting tens of emails from people asking about this software. That’s why we decided to investigate the trading system and come up with this scam review fast as deceive point. Let me tell you that we heard some really suspicious statements, don’t be in a hurry and definitely read the article to the very end!
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Drexel Code Scam Review! The hidden truth!

When you visit the official webpage Drexelcode.com, you can’t get a lot of information regarding this new binary option software. Here are some endorsements authority badges representing some protection companies as; Geo Trust, VeriSign, McAfee Secure and others but they don’t mean anything. The seals are non-clickable meaning that there is no sitelock protection and the domain Drexelcode.com does not start with green bar HTTPS:// meaning that it’s not SSL encrypted. Seeing the new S – Class in the video really can’t suit with so lame looking page, if they even can’t afford $40 for SSL protection. Things look bad for Drexel code system even from the beginning.

Let’s analyze the video presentation since the whole information about this binary options service is settled there!  There are few identities involved with Drexel Code System that we would like to discuss but we`ll focus Mr. Cory Drexel the most since he is presented as President and CEO of Drexel Code Incorporated.

The company name is completely unknown to the financial industry and there is no information about the existence of such company on google.com. We have claims about how Drexel Code Software has generated $50 million dollars last year but the company is unknown? A little bit fishy!

Immediately after the video starts we have Cory driving his Mercedes and claiming that his trading bot haven’t lost a single trade in the last 3 years, proving 100% success rate! At this very point we realized that there is very high chance that the Drexel Code is Scam! There is no software or human being on the entire planet that can generate 100% success rate, if such software exist it will collapse the entire world economics and it will lead to third world war probably. However, we find some similarity between this service and the already revealed dangerous scam called Amissio Formula, there the creator also claimed that they have 100% accuracy! Overall, if you make 100% wining trades why you are going to win only $50 million for one year? Everything sounds strange if we have 100% insurance software in our grasps we will generate billions not few millions, we assume that everyone can agree here.

Next here come the testimonials regarding The Drexel Code.

Cory Drexel explained how before 4 years they came public and then they recreated 50 members as beta testers. Their results were staggering so he wants to meet us with some of them. Starting with Keri Montoya and Clay Chancellor they came into the room and claim that Drexel Code System has changed their lives. They made $40,000+ the first week and $200,000 the first month! Showing accounts and everything but the dates there are form 2016? Thought they will show us results from the first week back in 2013? Things really start to look shady! We start to witness some time conflicting statements! On top of that we checked the who.is and it seems that the domain Drexelcode.com is registered on 04.03.2016, things are looking grim! Thy also showed some screenshots but all of them from early 2016! We can’t believe in testimonials claiming to be using service before it exists?!  Everything looks fabricated here!

drexel code scam

Now Cory Drexel is offering the Drexel Code Scam for Free to the next 50 beta testers. That’s just a lousy pushing into registration trick, if you check this site after 2 weeks or even 2 months if they don’t drop it down you’ll be still able to register!

Next we go to the “brew crew” that’s how they call their developers and coding team. Actually if, you have time to watch the presentation those guys are probably the most fun to watch, they seem like actors but Ben and the rest of the crew play their roles very convincing and good;] This is going to be the only good thing we say about Drexel Code Software, everything else is one big fat lie!

Moving Forward with our Drexel Code Scam Review the alleged CEO decided to show us something like live trading session. He opens $250 new account, and he left the software run on auto pilot for 5 hours. When he got back we shows 12 wining trades and profit of over $10,000. However, this is very low amount of trades to be generating such high profit because binary options industry payouts are averaging 75%, we smell fishy again. However, we took the calculator and gathering all the shown profits barely reach $6k as profits!!!? In addition, Cory decided to show his previous withdraw, and suddenly the balance of his account rises to over $300000 with crazy same amount withdraws every week, wasn’t that a brand new account!?!?!?!?! The shady criminals behind this fraud really don’t pay attention to the details!

Cory Shows that result history after the live trading session:

drexel code scam results

Last but not least let’s move to the next page of Drexelcode.com and just check the photos involved! They are just stock photos attached to accounts!!! Stock Model Evidence:


Drexel Code Scam Review! The Conclusion.

The whole software and the way it’s designed really, reminds us to Amissio Formula, TrianaSoft(using the same office), and Virtual Income. They are pretty similar and we have all the facts on hand to believe that the same group of shady people are standing behind all of them! However, we think that the exposed critical points about will be enough for you to prevent you from signing and losing money with The Drexel Code Scam! Phony testimonials, some luxury cars and mentions and a lot of paid actors, that’s all. We believe that investing with this trading bot involves high risk!

Review Verdict: Drexel Code Scam Confirmed! Don’t step near Drexelcode.com it’s fraud!

The 100% wining software does not exist, be sure to avoid too good to be true offers, binary options is lucrative field and such scams are just part of the game. Make sure to stay away from those miracle offers! Newcomers to the industry can consider signing with Free Demo Accounts till they feel enough experienced to move into the real money trading. BinaryOptionsSpot.com is dedicated to test different binary options software solutions consistently. During that process we manage to find few that really work and can add good profits to your monthly income! We invite you to check out Top Recommended List of services, just keep in mind that they don’t have 100% success rate, and they won’t make you millionaire overnight! Let’s apply common sense!

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8 thoughts on “Drexel Code Scam Revealed

  1. Does anyone have their contact info? they are spoofing my work email and sending out spam. I am about to file a lawsuit and FTC complaint.

    1. They are scam system i doubt your lawsuit will reach anyone Mark. Just ignore them in my opinion!

  2. Hi guys,
    Thanks for this review, I was thinking the whole 100% success thing was garbage, but I was almost tempted to give it a try, thanks you saved me a few hundred bucks!

    1. Thanks for your warning! I was looking for people like you who actually tried this software! Even though I high doubt software can have a 100% success rate, who knows where human ingenuity may lead, and thus carry an open mind. Which is why I was looking for someone who has actually tested it!

  3. Its A Major Scam They Say Deposit 250 Then When I Talk To Customer Service They Said Its 500 to Make A Deposit Plus They Don’t Even Speak English

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