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Dual Robot Scam Alert!

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The Dual Robot is new binary options money making opportunity. Allegedly the robot is designed to make money for its investors! However, the reality around this system is quite different. We investigated the official website dualrobot.com and we found a lot of scam elements including similarity with other proven fraudulent systems. Therefore, losing money with this new application is 100% guaranteed.

dual robot scam review

Dual Robot Scam Review! All the interesting hidden facts.

First, we believe that this very system is highly advertised in Germany so our Douche Subscribers should be more careful! If you receive one of those invitational to the dual robot software emails, just delete it.

How the service is working?

If you make a registration you will be invited to try the system with demo account. So, before you invest real money you can take a look at the system. Keep in mind that the demo version is designed to always win money so, be cautious! Vice versa the real money version will 100% lose your money.

Anyway, according to the story and the interface, the system is using technical indicators such as: Trend Following, MACD, Bollinger Bands etc. But in reality that does not matter because the real money accounts are designed to lose money.

What we are seeing inside dualrobot.com is a while label scam robot. The interface is familiar to us from other scams such as Option Robot, Binary Robot 365, Binary Options Robot and so on. They all look the same. Basically what the scammers are doing here, they are buying the already made up technology, they put their logo and they start scamming people. So be ware and do not invest your money here!!

When you make money brokers make money?

That’s not true, the voice over presenter tries to confuse you by this statement. Actually day-traders like us trade against the brokers, meaning that when we make money the brokers lose money. So, obviously this software is designed in favor of the brokers not the traders. Every person who has more than 2 days trading experience knows that! If you don’t, now you know it. Binary Options trading is executed true broker platforms not directly on the exchanges!

Are the testimonials real?

No of course, all the people you see under the video who testify in support of the system are paid actors. The individuals are all hired from online marketplace website called fiverr.com. We`ll provide you with some evidence, as proof.

dual robot software

On other hand, we were unable to find any endorsements outside of dualrobot.com. Clearly the system does not enjoy any support from the trading community. That’s because the regular traders are already familiar with that interface! For the past one year we have seen like 10 different auto trading robots looking just like the Dual Robot, and they all turned to be bogus.

Probably you recognize the last guy!?

dual robot system

Dual Robot Scam – The Conclusion!

Never trust such looking auto trading bot. They are all developed in favor of the scammers, you`ll always make money in the demo and then lose your initial capital with the real money version. In addition, we have voice over acting, and paid testimonials. Two of the major red flags, typical for most of the scams out there.

Review Verdict: Dual Robot Software is a SCAM! Be reasonable and avoid the bogus page: dualrobot.com!

Binary Options trading can be very lucrative, but you should always be careful with your decision making. Always do research’s or just subscribe to our blog and you`ll receive warnings about all the upcoming scam systems and shady brokers. If you are searching for legit auto-trader, luckily we can offer few better alternatives. During our scam-fight we have managed to create a small list of Trusted Binary Services. They are all endorsed on 100% by the trading community!

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