Dubai Lifestyle APP Is a SCAM! Warning Software Review!

Dubai Lifestyle APP is a SCAM!

Read this review if you are wondering about this trading system!

Dubai Lifestyle APP is a typical money stealing scheme! Similar looking websites do pop up from thin air every day. In general, they have only one goal to steal your money without mercy!

We plan to make this article something like a case study and give few examples on how you can recognize and avoid such lousy fraud operations in the future! That’s why we believe that reading this analysis review will help you!

Dubai Lifestyle APP Scam Review – All you need to look for!

Essentially a legit trading service, worth millions will never represent itself with such poor looking website. Following simple logic here, and a normal question pops up: why the website worth 30 dollars in total? Clearly here is the first important scam element you need to look for. Does everything you see on the website looks logical?

Furthermore, we would like to go over few really disturbing details!

dubai lifestyle app scam review

How the service work?

The video presentation does not contain any information about how the algorithms work. The alleged creator Scott Hathaway says that he came across an algorithm! What the f*ck is this? Algorithms do not appear here and there you either create them or hire someone to develop them!  Therefore, if the creators of this application decide to skip such important matter providing zero information why we should believe in their words?

Estimate profits and Success Rates!

“The Dubai Lifestyle APP performs with 99.8% accuracy”! Practically the presenter claims that this robot never loses any trades. Well, in reality such in the money ratios do not exist. No human or software solution can forecast the online markets on close to 100% ITM rate. For example, a really good trader can maintain 80% success rate, which is considered pretty high! Everything above that is quite unrealistic.

Regarding the estimated profits, it’s pretty much the same story! The voice over actor states that you`ll be able to bank over $7000 every day with initial deposit of $250.

No! A capital of $250 cannot generate such staggering profits for you! With working help-trading tool and $250 you will be able to make around $100 per day, that’s realistic! Further, when you rise your trading account you will be able to place bigger trades and earn more money! But keep in mind folks that trading, like every normal thing in life requires time and commitment to master!

Who is Scott Hathaway The CEO and Founder of Dubai Lifestyle APP?!

Sometimes you need to make search engine and social media research regarding the names involved! In this case however things are little simpler! The alleged creator and CEO has a photo displayed on! We investigated the photo, and we found that the alleged founder of the Dubai Lifestyle APP is just a stock model! Of course we will provide evidence to support our words!

dubai lifestyle app scam review

Testimonials and endorsements!

During the promotional video we see few real people who testify in support of this trading system! Unfortunately, we will ruin the moment here, because those testimonials worth nothing! They are all made by amateur actors for very cheap price! Those guys are offering gigs on website called This is online marketplace where you can hire different talents to do all kinds of job for you! As the name suggest the minimum price is only $5, so you can gain access to such testimonials for really low price!

You can always check this website since it’s the main place where cheap scams buy testimonials! Just visit the site and write word “testimonials” in the search box! We will expose some of the actors here as evidence!

Towards the endorsements, there are none! The service is completely alone, no one is supporting this system. Of course the claims how this software is national news in Dubai are just lies! If you research the social media and the search engines you`ll come across only bad feedback and negative reviews!

dubai lifestyle app scam review

Dubai Lifestyle APP – The Conclusion!

We believe that the covered topics will help you with your future researches! It’s pretty simple to stay from those poor scams! In most cases they all look the same: fake testimonials, cheap looking page, fictitious characters and they are always covered by voice over acting! All this is structured by this way for a reason, the creators want to hide as much information as they can for themselves! Obviously they don’t want to be hunted by their victims!

Review Verdict: Dubai Lifestyle APP Is a SCAM! Beware and avoid

Trading the online markets, can be very profitable! In general, binary options is considered as one of the most profitable trading tools with highest return rates and the lowest risk levels! Newcomers however must be careful! Due to the high demand the lucrative field is dragging many crooks, that’s why you need to always rely on good reputed trading services! For safer alternatives, visit our Top-Rated Binary Services! They are all tested for long period of time and endorsed on 100% by the trading community!

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