Easy Wealth Creator Is Scam! Re-launch on Coffee Cash Cheat!

Easy Wealth Creator Scam Alert!

This honest review will explain why this system should be avoided!


Easy Wealth Creator software is a binary options auto trading cash bot. The alleged creator Sean Willows promises, that his investment app can generate $5000 as profits every day. The staggering amount is generated by trading the commodity Coffee with the amazing 94.83% accuracy. Unfortunately, for the shady creators behind this bogus service we are in this industry for quite some time, and we can recognize shit from flower. We made our regular investigation and we found a really interesting facts about easywealthcreator.co. Bear with us for a quick review!

easy wealth creator scam coffee cash cheat

Why Easy Wealth Creator Software should not be trusted!?

We`ll point few key elements before we drop the main evidence! Landing on easywealthcreator.co you can’t see anything interesting. The few endorsements badges are fabricated as you can confirm they are un-clickable and they don’t lead to the authority they should lead! The could down of your premium free access is just a phony pushing into registration tactic. If you refresh the page you`ll see how the counter starts again. So, only the video left as some hope for credibility.

Is there anything real in the video presentation of Easy Wealth Creator software? Nope! The whole video is one big fat lie. Starting from the unrealistic claims of $5k daily profits and 94.83% consistent success rate! The trash talk continues for like 15 minutes, and there is not a single truth coming from the CEO. Well, we don’t expect this software to be good, especially presented by voice over actor! The identity of Sean Willows is totally unknown in the financial world, and he claims to be involved with trading for over 8 years now! Don’t you think if he really was owner of nearly $100 million dollars he would be quite famous? Actually let’s apply common sense for a second, do you think that a multi-millionaire will launch website looking like that crap we see at easywealthcreator.co??? Because we don’t think, any multi-millionaire will exhibit himself like that!! On top of everything the freaking lame auto trader is not even trading the asset Coffee, its trading all kinds of currency pairs and commodities!

People who appear in the video to testify the honesty of this system, are they real? No, they are all paid actors, which can be hired form online marketplace called fiver.com! Obviously this system is not a legit one, since they are using fake testimonials to support their rating!

Let’s move to something even more serious, then all those lies and bogus tricks. Easy Wealth Creator software is actually not a new binary options scam! The system was launched for first time back in October 2015. The name of the system then was Coffee Cash Cheat (Review Link)! You can also notice how in the video the phony actors are regarding Sean for their success referring the Coffee Cash Cheat! Basically we are dealing we re-launched proven money stealing scheme! The official website of the old fraud is terminated but from our review you can get a glimpse of all the similarity!

Easy Wealth Creator Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We provided undeniable evidence exposing this as a scam by connecting the easywealthcreator.co with old scam! However, even if we don’t consider the obvious connection the trading system should not be trusted anyway. We have a voice over actor claiming bunch of nonsense promising impossible things. We have fabricated testimonials and there is not a single success story on the entire web associated with this binary options software. Straightforward we are looking at one really dangerous service!

Final Verdict: Easy Wealth Creator AKA Coffee Cash Cheat is a SCAM! Beware, Avoid easywealthcreator.co

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