EMA Trend Following Strategy

Exponential Moving Average Trend following Strategy!

If used correctly this strategy can bring you up to 80% ITM ration or even more! First we add three exponential moving average with period of 7, 15 and 27 all apply to close!

Basically the strategy is fairly simple when you have 7 and 15 period EMAs Above the 27 EMA you are in a uptrend and vice versa for downtrend you need 7 and 15 to be under the 27 EMA.  After we define the market direction what we are looking for is touches around 15 EMA were we can place our trades falling the trend direction.

I use this mainly on 5 minute chart with 15 and 30 minute expirations. Look for good spread between the Exponential Moving Averages. For maximum safety start to place your position after the first bounce from 15period EMA. Of course the trend following strategy can work on bigger time charts you just apply same rules there but with longer expertise. As always avoid trading this strategy 30 minutes before and after major news event if the released news is strong you can use it as confirmation to what direction markets is heading, and post news trade very successfully. Most successful time frame is between 8:00GMT and 15:00GMT. Please first back test the strategy then give it few days on demo account and if you prove consistent good In the money ratio then switch to real money account! Please after you test the strategy post you results in the comment section below!