Escape The Rat Race Program is Filthy SCAM!

Escape the Rat Race Program Scam?

Our review aims to provide a transparent answer to that question!

Escape the Rat Race is new binary options investment opportunity! The alleged presenter is Matt Taylor. He promises that his software will unlock the door to financial freedom for you! Is this online course really going to lead you into financial freedom? We are here to check if those promises are solid.

escape the rat race scam review

Escape The Rat Race Software! Should we trust this system?

There are few questionable details, which caught our attention during our investigation.

Matt Taylor is the CEO, Founder and designer of this investment application. What bothers us here is that he is completely unknown person. He speaks about his marvelous company, and how he motivates his employees by giving them more vocations etc. But, we never hear any organization name, nor we see any of his happy workers.

With what exactly we are dealing with? First the narrator starts to explain how this system is based on specific trading methods. All based on previously analyzed trading methods of Warren Buffett, Phillipe Fisher, Jeremy Siegel and others. Then he dumps the theory of using the trading methods of those famous investitures, and goes into other direction.

Investors will be tought how to understand and analyze the online markets by this software. The idea is for you to learn how to self-trade and eventually continue alone in the future. Maybe they want you to adopt the trading methods of the previously mentioned trading gurus?

We got really confused here because Mr. Taylor also explained how his trading system works. “Well-known brokers start taking trades on your behalf using the advanced trading tools that this platform offers”. Here we are left with impression that the brokers are trading with your account? If this is true you should know that managing other people accounts is completely illegal!

As advanced trading tools they refer to previous explanation of how the algorithm behind this trading system operates. According to the information everything is based on chart analysis from some indicators. MACD, Moving Averages and Fibonacci are assuring the system’s success.

Eventually, everything turned to be one big lie! We registered an account just to confirm that this software is just another auto trader. The web-based platform looks normal, with auto trading option and signal service. We don’t have problems with the interface of the system, we have major problem with the lies involved.

Are there any endorsements? We noticed few testimonials onto the second page of Surprisingly or not, the people you`ll notice there are not real. All the feedback is fabricated. Those individuals are stock photo + name = positive story! Real trustworthy testimonials, was not found during our social media research.

Escape the rat race scam review

What the other industry blogs think about this software? We, couldn’t find any supporting reviews, all we came across are negative reviews. Probably our flair will be in the right direction once again. The money stealing scheme behind this investment program is extremely filthy!

The Summary!

We simply cannot trust Matt Taylor; he did lie to us. The service is not an educational online course. The service is just an auto trading robot. When we also add the fabricated testimonials and all the deception, clearly we get the full picture. Investors must avoid Escape The Rat Race software! Investing here will harm your budget! A legit trading system will never use lies and missleading content to attract investors!

escape the rat race software

Review Verdict: Escape the Rat Race Scam Confirmed! Be sure to stay away from

Despite all the binary options surrounding scams. We are glad to inform you that there are still legit trading tools. During our scam fight we managed to gather a small list of trusted Binary Options Trading Services. We invite you to take a look. In addition, complete novice trades should always start with Free Demo Account!

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