Fast Bit Pay Limited Scam Or Reliable HYIP? Review!

Fast Bit Pay Limited – Scam or Legit?

Read this honest HYIP review before you invest!

Fast Bit Pay is new high-yield investment program! The program is extremely new so therefore we can’t even speak about trust here! However, we decided to make an investigation of the official page, just to check if this HYIP has promising future. Read this article before you take any money involving decision!

Fast Bit Pay Limited Scam Review! Everything you need to know!

the fast bit pay limited scam review

Normally, before you engage with a HYIP you should take a look at few details! They usually will tell you if the HYIP is reliable or not! Our opinion for those types of investment opportunities is terrible, we strongly believe that they are all scam, since we haven’t found a working one yet. But as we don’t wat to be hypocrites, we will just say that we won’t stop till we find a working one!

So, now back to our review, we`ll point all the critical topics you should cover before put your money into a HYIP!

How long is the life of the program?

Fast Bit Play is extremely new, actually a few days old, therefore we can’t speak about reliability here! It’s just too early to say if this HYIP is going to pay to its investors or they will just close doors and run with the money, claiming bankruptcy.

Are the payout rates realistic?

This is little bit hard to determinate. Usually we believe that realistic return will be something like 10% return in 10 days! That sounds legit to us, but since we don’t have a working example to compare this we can’t say on 100%. Well, if the HYIP claims a return rate of like 500% after 3 days, it’s a scam that’s for sure. Here with this particular one we have 100% return in 4 days. And that’s for the small investments for the big investments its really getting lucrative and close to impossible of course. The program will pay you 400% after 20 hours if you deposit above $5000, that’s completely bogus. Based on that we can say that the fast but pay are announcing unrealistic payout rates.

How the HYIP is generating the profits for its members?

According to the information exposed on the official website, this company is relying on bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading. We can agree with the bitcoin trading, since if you are following the cryptocurrencies its proven that you can benefit from market swings. Well they are far not like the financial or stock markets but still they are enough profitable. Even, recently the bitcoin jumped from around $450 per BTC to over $700 per BTC, probably all who are involved with the crypto trading made money on that spike but anyway! That’s just off topic information we know since we have a person in our team deeply involved with crypto currencies and mining.

The announced second money generation method is via mining the BTC. First to mine BTC you need very expensive technology in the face of mining rigs, and machines. The website does not make any impression to have those farms setup anywhere, so we just admit it’s another lie.

Interesting information about mining:

Normally, the smallest crypto currency miners, are mining alternative coins, which are easier to mind because of the difficulty. Then they just trade the unknown coins into bitcoins. That’s the way for the smaller miners. Just as curious fact we would like to add here, that if you want to start to mine straight up bitcoins you`ll need to put at least $20000 into mining machines. The machines will get old in few months and you need to buy new better once and invest again so, it’s not an easy business!

Who are the people behind this organization?

Going back to our main topic today we would like to check upon the people involved with this firm! Into the “about us” section, we can notice all the managers of Fast Bit Pay Limited!

Jason Parker – Business Development Manager!

Richard Phillips – Director of Product Management!

Sharon Wright – Administrative Accounting Assistant!

Carol Adams – Software Developer!

What we can say here, we made a research regarding those personalities and we found out that they are all fake! All the people are just stock photos attached to names! Therefore, we can’t speak about honesty here at all! The real people behind this HYIP remain anonymous! We, consider this as big red flag! Evidence will be provided, just to back up our words!

the fast bit pay limited scam review

Fast Bit Pay Limited Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Once again we came across a dishonest high-yield investment program. There is no reason for you to put your money here, since the scam chance is even above 100%! Stay away from this program, and think about getting involved with other money making opportunities instead of those Ponzi Schemes called HYIPs’!

Review Verdict: Fast Bit Pay is a 100% Fraud! Beware and Stay away from!

If you seek an online money making opportunity, we strongly advise you to switch to the more regular methods in the face of trading! Binary Options or Forex, whatever you decide, but good thing is that there you are in full control of your capital, which is very important! If you are complete novice, that’s okay, many people are! In 2016, there are countless help-trading tools that allow easy access to the online markets. Auto trading solutions, signal services and etc. Since we are binary options oriented blog we will point out few Trusted and Reliable Binary Options Services. They are all tested and endorsed by the majority of the trading community!

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  1. Scam scam scam please report everywhere about this site they are scammers have 2 withdrawals still pending do not deposit !

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