FinTech Limited Software Busted or Reliable?!? Unbiased Review!

FinTech Limited Scam or Reliable Software Provider!

Read this unbiased review, you need to know the truth!

FinTech Limited is new company, providing and developing trading software solutions. The alleged presenter and founder is Daniel Roberts. According to the information exposed on the official website this very system is responsible for total of $7,611,881 US dollars in profit. Is this really a revolutionary new technology that will change our trading habits for life? Nope, we don’t think so, our investigation managed to dig out large amounts of dubious content associated with this firm. Let us expose everything, bear with us for 5 minutes and read our article to the end!

The fintech limited software the fintech limited scam review

FinTech Limited Scam Review! Why we should not trust this offer!

We`ll jump into this in-depth review right away with exposure of the company! Such companies do exist, actually we managed to find three organizations with this name. Two of them does not matter so much, because they are not associated very much with trading and the financial world! First is actually Fintech Group ( a transforming technology. Over the years this company has acquired extensive experience in addressing Africa’s business and provide / develop wide range of innovative solutions and services. Second organization is Fintech Limited ( a mirror of the reviewed subject but actually a real company, which brand became victim of this scam! Their logo is “Your Federal Technology infrastructure & business services partner”! Both organizations are not related with our fraud behind

However, meaning behind FinTech is Financial Technology! According to Wikipedia Financial Technology is an economic industry composed of organizations that use technology to create financial services more efficient. Financial technology firms are generally startups trying to disintermediate incumbent financial systems and challenge traditional corporations that are less reliant of software.

In our opinion the name of our todays scam is very well not a mistake! The shady creators behind this service are trying to benefit from the famous name The Fintech Limited, and aim to fake away a positive reputation for their bogus page. Normally, they rely on the fact that most people don’t do deep researches, most will search the name see that its big company announced on Wikipedia and for them that’s enough. In some cases, it will be enough but in this its deception!

Now let’s move on more simple things, and what actually the official page of offers! We have a presentation video covered by the big boss Daniel Roberts! Who is he actually? We researched this identity but we failed to find any reliable information that can proof this man as real! For us only once scenario can connect well with the overall picture. The guy must be a paid actor, that will explain all the trash talk we heard during the presentation video.

The fintech limited software the fintech limited scam review

The claim of how $20k can be turned into half a million for 5 days, the explanation of how the algorithm is relying only on fundamental analysis, the only 7 spots available, how he has so much money that he wants to give this trading system for free to the public, etcetera. All this crap is just unrealistic. The estimated profits of $800 per hour are hugely overextended. No one can predict the potential profits if we speak for trading the online markets. That’s why reasonable system providers claim something like “UP to … sum” they are not using words like “minimum that and this” because it will be misleading for their potential investors! Basically the eventual profits are determined by few things, your trading budget and your money management strategy and how accurate the service you are using is of course! Regarding the “how Fintech Limited software works” we can say that there are reliable systems based on fundamental analysis! But if the service is only based on news trading, it won’t be consistent every day, traders who hunt news trading often trade only few times per week or even few time per month! Simply, because they are patient and they wait for the right news, the right trend and the right moment! You can’t expect from fundamental based algorithm to use every no matter news and execute trades because if that’s the case you`ll lose your revenues extremely fast! And finally the trick about the only 7 spots available. This is a complete lie, the website will register as many people as possible. Often such looking lousy scams use similar tricks to push their potential members into registration, obviously they don’t want you to run around the web and do researches about them finding the truth!

What else this bogus investment app can offer for debunking?

You can notice a Facebook page called, with some testimonials from people claiming to be benefiting from this app. Well, the page does not exist, you can research Fb yourself! Also, don’t wonder about the positive comments they are phony as the page.

In addition, notice how they immediately ask for your email in order to jump into the member’s area, where you`ll be pushed even more from 6-minute countdown timer! Just enough time to take a look at the second page, and see all the positive testimonials, and also register of course! First the timer will always restart if you refresh the page, or re-enter with new email! Secondly and more importantly all the testimonials are fabricated!

Starting with the pictures: Alfonso Rodriges, Jack Stolz and so on, notice how they are making money even during the weekends, while the financial markets are offline and no trading can be executed! Apparently someone really sloppy or unaware of the reality has created this web-page! We’ll provide some evidence in order to back up our words here!

Jack Stolz and Alfonso Rodriges BUSTED!

The fintech limited software the fintech limited scam review

Moving even further down you can see some more testimonials, this time coming from real people, who claim to be extremely profitable with the fintech limited software. Well, real people but not real personalities! All those people are paid actors! Hired from online marketplace website called We`ll expose some of them as evidence!

Links Leading to The Reality Behind: Kenneth Miller, Daniel Scott!

The fintech limited software the fintech limited scam review

Interesting claim on the bottom of the page, Copyright 2014 – 2016 year!?! While the official domain is only registered in early 2016, and actually updated and live from 05.2016!! Quite suspicious don’t you think?!

FinTech Limited Scam Review! The conclusion!

As you can see the scam elements inside are countless! From stolen company name true the over-promising and misleading statements of Roberts to the deceptively created positive environment by phony testimonials! All combined can well describe our subject of investigation today; The FinTech Limited Software! We believe that investing with this disgusting system will not lead you into anything good or beneficial!

Review Verdict: FinTech Limited Scam CONFIRMED! Beware and Avoid the bogus site!

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