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My First Online Payday Scam Check!

If you are thinking to invest with this service, please read this transparent review before doing that mistake!

My First Online Payday is new binary options service promising to deliver accurate daily profits for you, simply by working from home 3 – 5 hours a day! Quite tempting proposal, meeting the requirements of many people who are looking for work involving the comfort of their own homes. The financial instrument binary options unlocking the possibility for you to trade on the online markets is very lucrative opportunity, that’s true! But only if you are doing it directly with regulated brokers or legit service. The thing is that we investigated and we found some disturbing and suspicious facts inside.


My First Online Payday Scam Review

Is My First Online Payday Scam? All the hidden details revealed!

Landing on, we immediately notice some really dubious stuff. Take closer look how you can’t click nothing on the page. Next to the video there are some sharing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn buttons long with statement of 2172 shares, also non clickable! Since we find out that there is no credible information exposed onto the page we took a look at the video presentation.

The only data source we got as promotion video is really messed up. It really ties to confuse you but make you curious and eventually push you into registration. The are some cut real news parts just implemented into the sales pitch but you can easy recognize them, and just exclude them from the context. Overall we are observing few VOD’s attached to one another forming the presentation. We want to discuss two things, the testimonials and the CEO Jeremy Mathews!

Rebecca Martinez, Amy Tan, Mellany White, Sandra Donaldson and the other people who take part in this phony service are just paid actors. Don’t believe us? We will provide example evidence how and where you can confirm our words. Those people are no day-traders, actually there is little bit of truth, they are all working from home, but not as investors. They are all amateur actors selling gigs inside marketplace website called If you visit the mentioned site, just write the word “testimonials” into the search box, we guarantee that you`ll recognize all of the actors you notice inside for no longer than 5 minutes! Finding fake testimonials inside My First Online Payday clearly is not a good sign!


Now if, the members are made up personalities, what comes for the Creator Jeremy Mathews? We made small research on his name, the only google posts that appear to be associate with this identity are those connected with It’s the same story as the previous fake testimony. He is also a paid spokesperson. His real name is Deren Stevens and originally he is from UK. The person is actually quite famous actor, he has already take part in more than 10 similar looking frauds! Obviously My First Online Payday is just a money stealing scheme!


My First Online Payday Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Our investigation couldn’t find any trustworthy verifications of legitimacy! The software is absolute joke, a poor 100% fiver based fraud operation. There is not a single truth that came out of “Jeremy’s” mouth. We haven’t found a single reason to believe in this trading system. In matter of fact the $50 reward that they plan to give you after registration, is just one more very dangerous trick! Most brokers always try to give you bonuses after sign up, as gratitude for your loyalty. The thing that they always forget to mention is that taking bonus will put certain restrictions onto your trading account, preventing you from withdrawing till you reach certain bonus! Obviously very scary deal! Investing with My First Online Payday is hiding high risk, do not attempt such action!

Final Verdict: My First Online Payday Scam Confirmed! Avoid this terrible service!

As we mentioned at the begging of our scam review, binary options industry can be lucrative but also harsh field! Investing with bad service will damage your account balance, that’s why finding a good trading system is a must! We at, are dedicated to consistently test and review different BO services, during that period we have found few trading systems that have proven legit. We invite you to take a look the current pest performing service on the market Copy Buffet Software. Will never make you a millionaire overnight, but I can bring you some decent income. And if you are completely new to the trading world, consider signing up with Free Demo Account first!

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  1. thank you for letting everyone know that My First Online Payday is a scam,u just saved me from investing in them.

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