Forex Trendy Scam Investigation! The Content Is Suspicious!

Forex Trendy Scam or Legit?

This transparent review will answer all the questions!

Forex Trendy is automated Forex pattern scanner! The algorithm powered by powerful computes is consistently scanning 34 Forex pairs within all time frames from 1-minute to 1 month for tradable setups. Basically, you get alert when the software finds emerging trend! Thing is that we made our investigation and the results are not really promising in favor of this trading tool.

forex trendy scam

Forex Trendy Scam Review! The truth!

We`ll cover few of the most important topics within this in-depth review. So basically we are dealing with signal service, the algorithm promises to provide profitable trading setups within vast range of currency assets. We have some concerns here, the information exposed inside the presentation video is really not enough. The voice over narrator claims that this software is based on super computers settled in Florida, USA. Sure, but we don’t get any addresses of the company or any glimpse on those so called “super computers”, quite suspicious ha? In addition, as we mentioned no one explains on what exactly the Forex Trendy is based!?!? Indicators, fundamentals, pattern repeating formations or anything else? What we get is “The Forex Trendy is going to find new forming trends”.

Few more interesting statements all made by the anonymous presenter! “Most of the trader’s trade only the major currencies or only one pair”. Explaining how this is something like a bad thing? No, it’s not there are many professional traders who follow and trade only one asset! If, they are getting bad market conditions in some of the days they just avoid trading, it’s called patience! Well for the creators of The Forex Trendy system probably that does not matter anything because they don’t care if you have patience or not! All they want is to sell their cheap product.

Overall, we get a typical looking scam website in the face of We have a completely anonymous presentation video covered by voice over actor! Why do you think they are hiding? Because they are proud of their achievements with this trading tool? We don’t think so, obviously the system does not provide the promised results! If, it was legit definitely the creators will be showing themselves in the video or at least they will mention their names somewhere in the presentation page!

Does anyone endorse this system and are there any real success stories?

We couldn’t find easy to access success stories supporting this Forex trading tool. We found mostly negative reviews and complains from day traders. Well, we managed to find few positive reviews but they were all made by unknown blog websites, probably connected directly with the Forex Trendy. Failing to find real proof of credibility is extremely big red flag.

The Forex Trendy Conclusion!

Typically like most of the scams out there associated with the financial markets we get promises! Lots of over-promising statements but with no real proof! Our social media research proved that this system is dangerous! We have never came across a legit signal service or trading robot, represented by voice over actor and cartooned video. The cheaply made web design and the bad quality video also speak a lot for the software. In our opinion investing money to buy The Forex Trendy system will only lead you to losing money situation. The sum of $37 dollars per month is no much but, considering the potential loses you can make by following the lame signals are the real danger here!

Final Verdict: Forex Trendy Scam Alert! Don’t invest with this system it involves high risk level! is dedicated to review and consistently test all kinds of different binary options and Forex services. During that long period, we have learned to recognize the crooks immediately. The legit service will never relay on fake content and unrealistic promises. Their website will never look like made by 10 years old novice web designer! Those thing are important, so look for them and always seek for second opinion before you decide to invest with any binary options, Forex service or broker!

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