Freedom Circle Software is a SCAM! Real Review!

The Freedom Circle is a SCAM!

This transparent software review will explain everything!

Described as social movement with many followers, the Freedom Circle Software is getting some attention. That’s why we are in a hurry to reveal the real face behind this money making opportunity! There is no social movement, there are no real followers, we are dealing with lame fiverr setup fraud operation. Into the real world no, one can turn $1, into $13.2 million on complete autopilot. Therefore, the whole storyline behind this trading system smells very fishy! As authority binary options spot want to point out some really disturbing details, bear with us.

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Freedom Circle Scam Review! All the scam elements!

Usually, when it comes to scam services, there is also a difference. Some of them are well made with high budget, and some are extremely poorly produced. It’s something like a difference between Hollywood production and some third world lousy company production. In this case we have the low budget one.

The concept:

The presentation video is covered by voice over actor, introducing himself as Kyle Stanford. An economics professor from Yale University. Claiming that his biggest discovery is that history always repeats at certain point, (if this is considered a discovery)! When we see a voice over acting we turn on the skeptical mode. Like 99.9% of such looking videos are part of a money stealing scheme. It’s all made for a reason! The scam artists are always using phony identities and there is no real information such as company names addresses or CEO names exposed. Clearly because they don’t want to be persuade by the law!

In our case the presenter exposed a name and made an association with famous University (Yale). We searched for this professor in economics but with no lick. Seems like does not recognize the professor, obviously it’s an invented personality. Then we made a research by image and we found that the photo we see at is just a stock model. We`ll provide evidence!

Kyle Stanford?

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How Freedom Circle Software Works?

The story behind this is bizarre. The fake actor claims that this system is exploiting a controversial loophole of the Federal Reserve of America. Based on this glitch the algorithm is turning $1 into $1361 every 30 mins. First of all, the described method is impossible to be applied into binary options trading. Secondly loopholes do not exist onto the online makes, they are like a fairy tale, a myth! In addition, we would like to mention that even if this glitch does exist it will be unethical and considered as illegal! Trading with inside company or having an inside information and using it to benefit from the exchanges is considered illegal!

Testimonials and Endorsements?

During the presentation video we do see some testimonials from real people. Well they are real but their identities aren’t, and those individuals are not really honest with us! We`ll provide evidence and reveal the real identity on one of them! Since they are all actors, we don’t feel obligated to enter into further details. Such testimonials can be ordered from online marketplace called! Where such actors are selling gigs for $5, and they can promote whatever you want! In addition, here we only want to mention that a legit service will never use paid actors to create a positive environment around their product.

Real testimonials outside of cannot be found, clearly because there are none! Our in-depot social media research only came across some negative once from people who blindly trusted the empty promises! Folks, be careful and always seek for second opinion before you jump and invest real money into any type of binary options service!

What else we can say!?

As we claimed at the beginning of this article, the freedom circle software is just a lousy scheme! The shady criminals behind this are using every pushing trick they know! From “sign now because tomorrow this amazing opportunity will be gone” to “hurry you are the lucky one”. Of course all supported by fake countdown counters and pressure tactics! But don’t be fooled everyone! If, you are looking at system claiming that today is your last chance to get rich, you are 100% looking at SCAM service, no exceptions!

Freedom Circle Scam Review! The Summary!

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As you can see the freedom circle software is nothing but the next fraud we revealed. We have everything to black list this service! From fake identities, true false credentials, to misleading content! Everything combined exposes this trading tool as a scam! Their ways of solicitation are aggressive and illegal!

Review Verdict: Freedom Circle Software is 100% Scam! You want experience any financial freedom here! Beware and avoid!

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