FX Childsplay Signals Scam or Money Machine? Honest System Review!

FX Childsplay Signals Scam or Reliable?

Please do read our article before you end up signing with this signals provider!


FX Childsplay Signals thinks that this is a game? Allegedly this copy-trading service promises quadruple your trading account for only one month!

Warned about this service by few of our subscribers we decided to take a look since Forex I closely connected with binary options, we always review such systems if they drive our attention. In general, we have some problems with this service, which we would like to share with you in this Q & A oriented article.

If you are a new comer and you are watching at the FX Childsplay Signals, you have to know that unlikely binary options where you can start with $250 and the risk is really low, the Forex trading requires far bigger investments. That’s why all the examples inside fxchildsplaysignals.com are given with higher than $10,000 trading accounts.

FX Childsplay Signals scam review

How FX Childsplay Signals Work?

We watched the whole presentation video and there are some misleading points. First, the voice over actor claims it’s a copy-trading service. Then suddenly he speaks about how a trader called Farhan will manage your account.

In general, there are two problems here, first we don’t see the inside platform so we cannot say on 100% that there is a platform at all. We have to subscribe a pay $99/month to even see what we are buying. Second, keep in mind that managing other people’s accounts is considered illegal, if you don’t have the license for that practice! We don’t see any sealed licenses and registrations on fxchildsplaysignals.com, so we assume this service cannot offer funds management!

Whose Farhan?

Described as self-made millionaire and famous trader Farhan will be the one responsible for making all the money around here. Well, we have some concerns with this topic also.

  • Why no one knows Farhan? If he is really a self-made online trader, there should be some information about him on the social medias!
  • Why we don’t see a real photo of this trader or if he is so respected why he is not the one presenting this service instead we get that cheap cartoon video?
  • Last but not least! You wonder why they share only one of his names? We`ll tell you, because that’s why you can’t search for this fictitious character!

Estimated Profits – are they realistic?

In order to convince us, the creators of this scam service are showing us cuts from Meta Trader 4 account long with a monthly statement! If you are a trader you will never trust in such trick but if you are a novice trader you have to know few things!

  1. We, don’t know who’s the account holder here!
  2. There is no third party verification, which can guarantee the that those results are authentic!
  3. The estimated returns are over-extended. Notice that, you have to invest at least $10,000 in order to gain such profits! New-coming to the trading world, we doubt that you want to start with such capital, and land it into the hands of completely unknown person!

Moreover, take a closer look to the opened trades they show on meta trader 4. They are all 1 lot GBP/JPY trades opened one after another. Some traders call this train-trading. Simply they open multiple positions on trending market, just to hedge the invested amount.

Scammers also use this tactic however, they open many trades and once they finish in the money or on profit, they look impressive but overall this is only one setup so don’t be fooled here. Such trading don’t represent the skills of the particular trader, they are just creating deceptive environment!

FX Childsplay Signals scam review

Endorsements of FX Childsplay Signals?

We even don’t know why we are covering this topic. There is not a signals reputed positive review, which can be related with this Forex Service. Moreover, there are plenty of negative once!

What else bogus we found about the FX Childsplay Signals?

Farhan the imaginary will quadruple your account with zero risk? Not true! Trading the online markets always involves risk! If those guys behind this cheap system where really legit they will come forward and warn their potential investors of the risks behind online trading!

We`ll finish with the joke fake counter saying “only 5 spots left”. Such approach is used only from really lousy scams, forcing you to register because there are no spots. This is a monthly subscription service for Crist sake, they can accept limitless amounts of traders! And this cheap pushing into registration technic is just a proving how lame this service really is!

FX Childsplay Signals Scam Review – The Conclusion!

To sum up we`ll just highlight some of the most fraudulent elements we found inside fxchildsplaysignals.com. The fake identities, funny presentation and lack of third party verification are forming this signals provider as highly questionable. We believe that investing money with this offer, won’t end well for your financial status!

Review Verdict:  FX Childsplay Signals is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid fxchildsplaysignals.com!

Essentially the problem with the Forex trading is that requires a lot of money to actually make money! Legit trading services are charging hundreds of dollars per monthly subscription! On top of that you have to own minimum of $5000, in order to make like $2000 per month! Moreover, trading Forex is far riskier then binary options! We love Forex, we don’t want to disrespect the method at all! But in 2016 the new meta is called Binary Options, its less risky, you can start with low as $250 and generate pretty much the same amount of money per month similar to $5k Forex capital account!

The binary options niche is getting more and more regulated, and in nowadays there are many services, which can satisfy even the most sophisticated traders. We invite you to check or TOP Free Binary Services! They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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