Gemini 2 Scam or Money Maker? Unbiased Software Review!

Gemini 2 Scam or Real System?

It’s crucial to read this review before you make any investments!

The Gemini 2 Software is a new money making opportunity coming from Brandon Lewis! Allegedly the service must change your life. The creators are super aggressive they promise that you`ll be receiving life-changing sums of money in your bank account 10 minutes after registration!

There are countless problems with this service, that’s why if you consider registration with this trading bot you really need to spend 5 minutes and check this article!

We`ll make this review in similar fashion to the recent scam we have exposed named The Trader APP. We did great job there exposing all the scam elements with Questions and Answers. The new coming investors can take example of those articles because the information they contain can help them recognize future bogus services.

The Gemini 2 Scam Review – All the truth revealed!

In general, when you land on offer, which promises to make you large amounts of money for short period of time you have to become suspicious. Those type of money stealing schemes are everywhere, some are really lame some better and some are really convincing. Like in this case we have the office the fancy cars and expensive houses, everything combined can look pretty convincing, especially for new investor. We`ll make this clear right from the beginning The Gemini 2 Software is a Scam, and with this review we`ll reveal everything. At the end we guarantee that you’ll be able to recognize what’s realistic in any software you come across related to the trading industry!

the gemini 2 software scam review

What The Gemini 2 System is?

We are looking at really bad looking web-based trading platform. Once you login you`ll be facing 4 different settings.

  • Auto-trading algorithm – basically you`ll activate the autopilot!
  • Enable stocks / currencies – you decide, what kind of assets the system will trade!
  • Compound wins – will increase your every next trading investment – in simple words it will help to the system to steal your money faster!

We wonder if Brandon is really a multi-millionaire having $25 mils in his bank account, and has the human recourse he really claims in the face of all the top engineers Google has! Why the heck he is creating such sh*t-looking trading platform?

How the Gemini 2 Software works?

According to the presenter, we talk about sophisticated predicting algorithm. While he was working for Google as top engineer he managed to create a predicting search engine algorithm. For example, if today 100 people search for the keyword Gemini 2 Scam, the algorithm must predict how many people will search for this exact keyword next week or even next month. Based on that he configured and developed the first version of this Gemini system in 2015.

First, this is not much of explanation and we simply cannot except that some dude is going live claiming he has the miracle algorithm and how he`ll just give it to 50 people for free!

Second, we are not aware of Gemini 1 Software! Furthermore, we made a vast social media research and we couldn’t find anything about the first version.

Seems we start with two pretty strong red flags!

the gemini 2 software the gemini 2 scam review the gemini 2 system

Are there only 50 spots available?

Nope, this is just a pushing into registration tactic. The presenter warm you with some “imagine if you have limitless bank account” type of stuff and then he says: “Go register fast there are only 50 spots”! Don’t fall for this shit guys this is just a marketing trick! If you visit after month from now there will still be 1 spot left for you!

The Gemini 2 APP is the first ever no losing software?

Hahaha, this claim really deserve some hard-core laugh. There is no human being on earth or trading tool in the world that can forecast the online markets on 100% consistently! The presenter even dares to show us some fabricated trading history. Take a look at the screenshot below!

the gemini 2 software the gemini 2 scam review

Entry Price (1.34665) represents the price when the position is opened, in this case a PUT trade. In binary options when you open a trade you have to set 3 things: trading volume, expiry rate and direction. In this case in order for this position to be a winning one the expiry rate (0.62865) represented in the snapshot with the word “rate” has to be lower than the entry price! So far everything is good. On first sight everything is good, but when a trader takes a look at this position he will see something wrong!

  1. On 07.02.2016 / 13:10 GMT, the price of USD/JPY is not 0.62865 and you can check this on any online chart. In matter of fact the price of this asset is not even displayed like this. The current price of this currency pair is around 100.700! Furthermore, in the entire chart history currently available since like 1995, the lowest point of USD JPY is around 75.470 back in 2011 and the highest is around 147.750 back in 1998 year.
  2. Moreover, we found that the official domain is registered on 24.05.2016, making this system impossible to be used before that date!

Based on the fact that the trades are fabricated and the time conflicting dates, we can conclude that this track record is pure false credentials!

Estimated profits between $10,000 and $50,000 are they realistic?

Beyond any doubt NO! Well, if it was really possible to trad with 100% accuracy you could probably make more for a day! Unfortunately, as we explained that is impossible and reaching $10,000 profits for one day starting with $250 is also absurd!

Can we really withdraw money from The Gemini 2 Software for 15 minutes?

No, you absolutely cannot do that. The promoter comes up with a story how they have enterprise level banking contract and due to that fact all members of the Gemini 2 app can withdraw money instantly!

We trade binary options true brokers, no matter if we use trading tool, signals provider or a robot! Every brokerage has his own terms and conditions including the withdraw policy. For the unfamiliar, usually withdraw from binary options broker takes 2 – 5 business days all depending on your location. Everything below those times is not possible at this point!

the gemini 2 software the gemini 2 app scam review

Who is Brandon Lewis, the CEO of Gemini Holdings!

  1. The company does not exist; you can do a research yourself but we already confirmed this is just imaginary organization.
  2. The so called founder is just fictitious character also! Even if you take a closer look at him while he is making the fake testimonial with the guy called Jerry you`ll notice how he move his eyes and reads the script every time he needs to explain something! Everything is super funny and obviously fabricated.
  3. Moreover, the second testimonial with Jerry is recorded in famous house, which participate in other similar scams.
  4. In matter of fact the whole presentation looks really similar to Amissio Formula and few other similar scams!

Are there any outside endorsements regarding the Gemini 2 APP?

We made vast search engine research long with social media one and we came across only negative reviews. Seems like this investment application don’t have the support of the community!

the gemini 2 software the gemini 2 app scam review

The Gemini 2 Scam Review – Summary!

Just another flashy money stealing scheme. Aggressive presentation with expensive toys and massive promises. Fortunately, or not at the end you`ll receive exactly nothing! After you invest with this system your account will be depleted in less than a day. After that you`ll be left without anyone to complained to! That’s why just ignore and move to safer alternatives!

Review Verdict: The Gemini 2 Software is Pure Scam! Beware and avoid the dangerous fraud settled at!

Binary Options trading is really good way to make some additional money and why not a full time job! Sadly, due to the fact that the field is mega lucrative, there are many crooks stalking for your money! That’s why you have to always rely on good reputation service and stay away from too good to be true opportunities! For better alternatives we invite you to check our TOP Rated Trading Services! All of them are tested for long period of time before approved, moreover they are 100% endorsed by the industry!

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