Global Wealth Trading Group Scam Alert! Review!

Global Wealth Trading Group Warning!

Read this review written by real trader before you pay for this service!

Official website:

Global Wealth Trading Group is payed signals provider. According to the information exposed we talk about famous signals service with extremely success rate.

Once new trader lands on he might be convinced that this service will deliver good results. However, true real traders eye this service looks like a joke, and it’s obviously made to steal your money!

Global Wealth Trading Group

Why we don’t trust Global Wealth Trading Group?

Since there is not a lot of information displayed on we`ll go over every single claim made.

They claim to be The Best Signals Provider for 2014 – 2015 year. That’s a lie for two reasons.

  • We have never heard about this service!
  • The official website is registered on 17.023.2016, in addition we`ll attach evidence snapshot!

Global Wealth Trading Group scam review

The service is featured on: Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Planet, Money Show, Forex Magnates and Yahoo Finance!  

We have researched those big news portals, and we dialed to find any information related to this signals provider written on their official websites. Moreover, you can also visit all those financial news sources and check their websites in order to confirm our words!

However, the fact that Global Wealth Trading Group are lying about their endorsements is very scary. Probably one of the most important details regarding a binary option service is its reputation. In this case we have lies and no outside approval. In matter of fact if you research the social media and the search engines you`ll find lots of negative feedback regarding this service!

Signals on the phone and easy to use for beginners?

Those signals are not good for beginners they are hard to understand due to the display method used. Now take a look at the snapshot. All the signals are pretty similar but let’s discuss the first one:

Global Wealth Trading Group scam review

Asset: USD / JPY
Strike Rate: 112.147 – 112.038
Direction: Put
Expiry: 15 minutes.

What’s not right here? The SR of course, they are providing us with strike rate difference of 109 micro pips.

This is completely bogus for many reasons. First, sometimes even during the US and UK sessions USD / JPY don’t moves 109 micro pips for 15 minutes. Second if you are new trader how exactly you`ll find the proper SR in order to enter this trade exactly? At the end the members have to decide where to enter the trade and determine their strike rates alone, which is pretty much gambling, if you can’t read charts. And if you can read charts why you going to use signal service?

We`ll explain why they are giving the floating strike rate.  Because once you start to lose with this scam service, they`ll have excuses. They can simply say, well you picked bad SR you must be patient! But don’t be fooled folks it’s all manipulation! Proper services display signals properly, providing its investors with EXACT STRIKERATE!

Asset: USD / JPY
Strike Rate Above: 112.147 (One SR)
Direction: Put
Expiry: 15 minutes.

Vice versa for CALL you have to take the signal Under the given SR!

Meaning that if you take the signal with SR above this price you`ll be good, no deception, no BS or place for questions!

Announced accuracy of 80-85% is it possible?

Overall its possible, but Global Wealth Trading Group fail to provide any solid track record history results. Moreover, they provide their signals in method, which is impossible to track solid results because of the high price difference.

14 Free periods?

The shady individuals behind this service even lie about their free trial period. If you attempt to register, you do not receive free signals you receive invitation to register with binary options broker. Extremely fraudulent approach.

Moreover, they go even further, and ask for monthly subscription payments! The price is set to $60.98 per month or $365.90 / 6 months! We cannot understand why the owners of this scam-service are so aggressive. They provide bad signals; they obviously have deal with the brokers to take commissions. And we accept all this, but thy they go even further and ask for monthly subscription? We think only for one reason; they are greedy bas*ards! review

Global Wealth Trading Group Scam Review – The finale!

To be honest we always look at the signals providers with good eyes because usually they are more reliable then the automated systems but in this case we have pure money stealing scheme. We cannot allow our readers to lose money there that’s why we will black list this service and mark it as dishonest one! Furthermore, we have exposed numerous lies part from the manipulative behavior of this “money making” offer!

Review Verdict: Global Wealth Trading Group Scam Alert! Beware and avoid investing money inside!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable but also place where you can lose money! The risk is real and if you think this is a joke you are mistaken. The field is full of dishonest crooks who aim to steal your money and you have to be careful! Make sure that you are always using help-trading tools with good reputation! For safer alternatives take a look at our Top Trading Systems! They are all 100% tested and endorsed by the trading community!

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