Golden Paradigm Scam Warning

Golden Paradigm Is a SCAM!

Just spare 5 minutes to read this exposure review, you`ll find all your questions answered!

Golden Paradigm is new binary options system that just came up live on 04.03.2016. According to the story it’s based on TOP Secret algorithm (haha). Eventually later in the video they have revealed that it should be some kind of pattern repeating algorithm! Basically, we have typical scam sales pitch, with many false credentials and over-promising claims. When the presentation starts, it immediately attempts to make us eager, by showing us some luxury life. Secretly we all desire to experience financial freedom and to afford living in a dream. Hard reality is that, such looking services can’t bring give us those things. Binary Options is lucrative field, but involves certain risk, if you are not careful you can be tricked away from such looking scam service. That’s why NEVER trust the first website you land on, always check for the industry opinion. Eventually, if you decide to sign with service or broker, do it from reputed website, with at least some protection like SSL or Sitelock, where your personal data won’t be exposed! Many lame industry fake blogs use key-loggers or all kinds of malware viruses to extract your personal data and emails. They are creating lists including your information in order to sell them, to email marketers. So, be careful clicking those links! is high value website, we keep very high security level, spending time here or exposing your personal data by writing comments here, will never be used in any harming for your way! We are sorry to go off topic but we feel most people are not aware how many scams are stalking in this industry!


Golden Paradigm Scam Review

Golden Paradigm Scam Revealed!

Landing on you will not see anything trustworthy! Basically the video presentation is the only information source. 30 seconds into the VOD we see the “real Proof of authority”. A man presenting himself by the name of Charlie Treybach, who claims that Golden Paradigm software has managed to generate over $25,000 for only 5 days! Sure, unfortunately no one has reported such quite staggering success story, no blog, forum or any kind of industry news portals has written a single word for this guy! Wonder why? Because he does not exist, long with his invented success story! He’s just and spokesperson selling gigs on market website called The real person is famous internet actor, and he is involved in many similar bogus software solutions. We will reveal the identity so you can confirm our statement!

The alleged CEO Nathan Weiss is hidden behind voice over acting, quite suspicious! How can we believe in person who does not dare to show his face to the public? Researching the name Nathan Weiss, didn’t lead us to any credible information. The only Google posts that appear associate with this identity are connected with Everything complained clearly shows that it’s just another made up personality!

Is there anything real on

Nope, nothing real or intelligent. Further down you can notice some endorsement badges form COMODO, GeoTrust, Norton Security and more… but they are all fake, this website is not protected from any of those companies, of course scammers don’t like to pay monthly fees for protections. They aim for hit and run schemes! Even further down you`ll notice some stock photos attached to names. Those so called happy members should bring reputation to Golden Paradigm Scam? Well they can’t because they are FAKE!

Golden Paradigm Scam Confirmed! The Conclusion!

No doubt this trading system is a fraud! As you see our investigation couldn’t find any credible information in support of the software. The only info found was in the negative side of the coin! We have no reason to trust in this, in our opinion investing with brings high risk and we won’t recommend such move! Better safe than sorry!

Verdict: Golden Paradigm is as SCAM! Avoid this deceptive software!

New to binary options industry? Check out our black list in might prevent you from signing with similar to Golden Paradigm scam trading bot! Also, consider starting with Free Demo Account it’s the safest way for you! Once you gain enough experience you can easy switch to real money trading with service or direct broker, all depending on your needs!

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Golden Paradigm Scam!

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