GPS Trader App Scam Alert

GPS Trader Scam Warning!

We think that this system is not good and this review contains all the answers!

GPS Trader App is new binary options service. The system some kind of GPS tracking system to obtain financial data nearly a second before it reaches the supercomputers of Wall Street. Exploiting this second in order to provide high probability trading signals for its members! Is this all possible and can this new system really make $20,000 daily like the creators claim? We think that there are some very suspicious elements inside! Investing with this application will not be good for your budget!

Why GPS Trader App is a SCAM?!

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There are many reasons why we don’t trust this system but let’s start with the most unrealistic once. The alleged Founder and CEO Richard Heffner said some very interesting stuff. Last 3 months he made 29 people a millionaire from scratch! Trading everyday with GPS trader app provided them with $20k daily income! This is possible because the software has 100% accuracy. First no system can generate 100% success rate!!! Everyone who claims the opposite is dishonest and has some kind a fraud intention!!!!! Moving forward, such promises of unrealistic daily profits are only available with scam services. Remember binary options is good way to make money but investing $250 can’t make you millionaire overnight!!! Overall who is the creator of GPS Trader APP – Richard Heffner. We made in-depth research regarding his identity and we couldn’t find any reliable information. All the posts that appear associate with this man are connected with There is simply no proof that this man is real, which brings us to the our suspicious again!

How GPS Trader Software works?

The system relies on GPS tracking algorithm. Basically the explanation we got form the video presentation is bizarre and we`ll explain why. So, the scam artist explained that this very algorithm will provide information about the financial markets 900 millisecond before or nearly one second before the supercomputers of Wall Street! Well this is completely impossible! But let’s pretend for a second that its possible. You still trade with broker the broker has lag, and even most brokers take 1 -3 seconds to confirm the trade after you place it, meaning that this one second which GPS Trader APP can provide will be consumed like 2 – 3 times till the robot executes the trade. This completely debunks the whole story of Nano-seconds and all this nonsenses!!!

One last thing and we are moving to our summary! Take a look at the Facebook feedback at the bottom of the official page! All the people who testify and the whole feed are fabricated! If, this was a real feed when you click on any name it will lead you into Facebook profile of this person! This integration does not work clearly revealing this phony testimonials!


GPS Trader Software looks suspicious from every angle you look. The system really does not supply any trust with their over-promising and misleading statements. In addition, we couldn’t find any endorsements by the trading community. Apparently everyone are realizing how bad this trading system is! This review targets one thing; to open your eyes about the realistic possibilities with binary options and trading overall! 100% success rate does not exist with any type of financial trading! Investing with too good to be true systems will cause you lose money, be careful!

 Review Verdict: GPS Trader Scam Confirmed! High Scam probability 98%!!! Avoid!

New to trading industry? Sign with Free Demo Account, where you can trade risk free and gain experience. Once you feel confident enough you can switch to real money account! Of course using trading help tool is a good option if you have no time to read the charts! Just keep in mind that there are many scams out there and picking good trading service can be a hard choice! Make sure to always double check the system’s reputation before you invest money!

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2 thoughts on “GPS Trader App Scam Alert

  1. The GPS TRADER IS SCAM! I registered and lost my money for 2 days, the account manager even asked me to put $2000 more, im so glad i didn’t fallow his recommendation! Great review thanks a lot!

  2. The person in the video is an actor who has appeared in many scam videos. Take note of what he looks like because you will see him again in another one.

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