Grant Bit Scam or Trusted? HYIP Review!

Grand Bit Scam or Trusted?

Before you decide to invest with this HYIP make sure to read our review!

Grand Bit Ltd is a fairly new HYIP (high-yield investment program)! The program offers a chance for you to be part of their mining process and eventually benefit from that partnership. We made our regular investigation and as we expected, there are plenty of questionable details inside So far we have reviewed tens of HYIP offers and we have never came across a reliable one. Seems like this one is also bogus.

the grand bit scam review

Grand Bit Scam Review! The honest point of view!

Normally, when we investigate such type of money making opportunities we look for few key elements, which can bring authority to the service. We`ll discuss all of them but just before we start we would ask a question. Why a crypto mining organization will need investors and share their mining profits with them for exchange of more money? This just don’t make sense to us at all! Anyway, let’s move to our penetrating review!

Is the company real behind the HYIP?

At this point we can confirm that Grand Bit Ltd, really exist but that’s it. Further information about the company business practice are is not revealed. According to the information exposed on the official presentation page the firm revenues are coming from Bitcoin mining. Basically to mine cryptocurrencies you need physical equipment in the face of mining machines. Nowhere on the website we can see photos of their mining farms nor they share any address where their mining facilities are located. We believe that here we have some kind misleading information. Or the firm prefers to stay extremely shady and don’t provide its future investors with clear information for their business.

Are the return rates realistic?

The plans of Grand Bit Ltd are set from 3% for the lower investments to 5% for the bigger once. That’s roughly 150% return per month. Quite lucrative proposal to sound realistic. Meaning that if you put $10,000 you`ll get $25,000 the end of the month profiting $15,000, doing exactly nothing. In addition, the Grand Bit Ltd, claims that there is no risk involved. No, the return rates are too high to be true, and also, there is a risk involved. When you attempt registration you`ll be asked to agree to the company terms and conditions. You won’t be signing any contract where its clearly stated that your funds will be insured by third party legit institution! For us those return rates are not real they are set only to attract new members.

Who are the people involved?

In fact, the site is devoid of any real names or individuals. The only real person we can see is the presenter into the about us section! Well, she described herself as employee of and she does not make any further claims about her management functions inside this firm! Anyway, we recognize her as paid actor so we will just reveal her real identity as evidence. Thing is that if the company hide their real employees and managers but prefer to use a paid actor as face there is definitely something fishy! We don’t say that its forbidden to use actors to represent your company but we just say its suspicious and repelling.

the grand bit scam review

How you invest and withdraw money from the HYIP?

The phony presenter explains that you can deposit and withdraw instantly!  Well, the word “instantly” can be define in many ways. In this case you can’t use such word since a regular wire transfer takes up to 2 – 5 business days, depending on your location. So, as you can assume alone it’s not very instant, if you even manage to withdraw from this clearly dark looking opportunity!

Do the Grand Bit ltd have any Endorsements?

The HYIP is not enjoying any third party approval. We failed to find any trustworthy testimonials or endorsements regarding the Grand Bit Ltd HYIP! In addition, we came across few HYIP monitoring sites who are all giving pretty low rating to this offer. Probably they have their own reasons, but for uts this is just additional confirmation!

Grand Bit Scam Review! The Conclusion!

It seems that this HYIP is no different than the others Ponzi Schemes. Probably e speaks for typical pyramid style scheme! The old investor profits are paid from the fresh money from the newcomers. In certain point the company will feel the financial pressure and it will close doors and file bankruptcy running with as much money as they can! We believe that putting your money here is risky and won’t end well for your personal budget.

Review Verdict: Grand Bit Scam possibility 100%! Avoid, stay safe!

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  1. Grand bit are scammers. They did not pay my withdrawals . It’s has been a week now. All my investments went down the drain because of this good for nothing grand bit

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