Greenwood Formula Software Scam Alert! Honest Review!

Greenwood Formula Scam or Legit System?

This honest review will reveal the truth behind the curtsies.

Greenwood Formula Software is new trading service released in a few days ago. The new proposal by the extravagant millionaire Jake is offering $10,000 guaranteed. Those money are promised in case if, the trading system fails to deliver the staggering results promised. The offer is extremely tempting we can admit, but after we investigated the system we found some suspicious facts. Definitely the service can’t be trusted with closed eyes, because the scam elements keep gushing from everywhere.

the greenwood formula software

Why we think The Greenwood Formula is a SCAM?

The short version of the explanation is simple, too good to be true offers associate with binary options or Forex, does not exist! No one will make you millionaire overnight, or give you free money without some kind of interest involved or fee!

Anyway, for the people who are skeptical and need more convincing we’ll provide the long version of the exposure also!

Landing on the there is not much to see, we have one presentation video, which contains the whole information about the application and some picture-testimonials at the bottom.

The photos you see at the bottom are not real. Those success stories are fabricated, stock photos attached to names! Google search by image will reveal this fact instantly.  We start with quite big red flag here! Why a legit trading system, managing to generate millions of dollars as profits will need phony testimonials to boost its authority?

Let’s jump straight into the video, because as we said all the intel regarding this auto trading bot comes from it. Interesting is that the alleged presenter hides his names and he mention no addresses, companies or other personalities, which can provide credibility. During the video we got glimpse of his name from the people who testify about how good this system is. They call him Jake, and they claim to be making around $500,000 with Greenwood Formula Software per month! Some even claim more ridiculous numbers. We wonder how this is all possible while the domain has been registered on 09.05.2016? Obviously they can’t be using this investment app before that date? A simple time conflicting fact expose those testimonials as fabricated.

Now let’s deal with the actual founder of the service, Jake. Well we said few things about him. “I Didn’t go to expensive school, I’m not computer geek and I barely know the financial world, but I still manage to make millions”. Well if this was a fairy tale it would be possible I guess, but into the real world such people can’t become millionaires by trading the online markets! In order to produce and create such trading software, which works properly, you need a lot of things. A good financial analyst, decent programmers, trading strategies and lots of knowledge in the niche! The greenwood formula has noting of the above mentioned, probably that’s why we don’t even get an explanation on what algorithms or strategies this system is based on.

Evidence link inside this snapshot!

the greenwood formula software

Estimated profits and endorsements?

We witness a very strange trading session inside the presentation. Jake shows us how his account jumps from $250, to $19k and then to $41k in 5 days. We’ll let us tell you that if this software was real, it will be announced on every single news portal all around the globe! In this case all we found is negative reviews and complains from traders of how this trading system stole their money for few hours.

Regarding the endorsements, we can proudly said that not a single reputed industry blog or forum has approved this trading system. The fact strongly backs up the statement that is bogus and should never be trusted!

Greenwood Formula Software, the conclusion.

After all, above said we can simply say that Jake is not trustworthy person. His $10k insurance means nothing obviously, as its not backed up with any contracts or any type of third party verifications. The appearance of false credentials and fabricated accounts before the release date of the service is providing all the evidence you need! Investing with this system will lead your trading account into the oblivion. We recommend that you better avoid the system!

Final Verdict: The Greenwood Formula is a Scam! Beyond any doubts the fraud operation is on hand, make sure to avoid!

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