Harrison & Woods Signals Scam Review

Harrison & Woods Signals Scam Investigation!

Our transparent review will explain why you should avoid this signal service!


Harrison & Woods Signals is new binary options service released on 9th of May 2016. According to the information exposed on the official page hwsignals.com, the system promises consistent 77% accurate signals. There are few problems with this binary options product, which we would like to discuss with you. It’s really important to stay and read this article, because we believe that we might affect your decision making, for your own good. The application involves high risk and we believe that it might be a fraud operation.

harrison & woods signals scam review

Why Harrison & Woods Signals should not be trusted!?

First there is no clear information exposed on the website about the owners of this product. There are no names, companies or addresses, which can be investigated and eventually bring credibility to the software. In the short video presentation, the voice over actor mention that the signals are provided by over hundreds of professional traders. We ask then, why they does not appear anywhere in the video or in the official website? Not even one name or picture or real success story of those traders, which can be confirmed by third party source! Everything looks extremely shady and suspicious. The fact that this website is 20 days old also adds more doubts, we can’t speak about consistency here and claim that the Harrison & Woods Signals service is providing stable 77%-win ratio. The trading period is just too short. If, you look for consistent 77% + accuracy you should join the Mike’s Facebook signals group. The admins there provide 70% to 95% accuracy with third party verified result recorded for over 18 months now. The groups contain 6200+ REAL members, which are making money and can confirm our words. That’s what we call consistency and real third party verification, hones testimonials from real day-traders! There are countless real testimonials about this group easy to access on YouTube! The creator of the group is well known Binary Options Trader, not some anonymous person hiding behind aristocratically name such as Harrison & Woods.

Since there is literally no information exposed on the official page about how those signals are generated or on what indicators / analysis are based. We are forced to make social media research and search for some feedback! Unfortunately, for the fake trading gurus behind Harrison & Woods software, we failed to find any good endorsement or positive feedback on their service. Of course you can make your own research and try to find something but we are completely sure you will fail also, because there is none! The only information associated with Harrison & Woods Signals is some negative reviews by few industry blogs!

In addition to be completely sure that those signals do not work we actually tested them today. The owner of binaryoptionsspot.com Ventsislav Velev made live video explaining why this service does not work and its not good for new traders. The results and the provided service are extremely poor you can watch the video and see for yourself!

The Conclusion!

Clearly the service is a joke! Just think about it for a second! You are a good trader, and you have a signal service called Harrison & Woods Signals. You are a leader of over 100 financial analysts and traders who work for you providing daily analysis and signals for your investors. You create website to represent your good product because you employees are providing 77% consistent success rate on their trading signals. Then you decide to stay anonymous and hide all your traders, offices, names addresses, everything! Does this sound normal to you? Because we find it extremely strange!!! The percent of this service to be a scam is like 110%, investing here will be extremely dangerous. We don’t recommend this signal provider as legit one!

Final Verdict: Harrison & Woods Signals Scam Confirmed on 100%! Avoid registrations with hwsignals.com, stay on the safe side of the trading bridge!

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