HFTFinance Scam or Bogus? Real hftfinance.com Review!

The HFTFinance Scam Review!

Can we trust this so called High Frequency Trading System or not?

Official website: hftfinance.com

The HFTFinance Software is new algo trading robot, which promises a steady daily income if you become a member. However, the offer sounds too good to be true and we decided to jump and investigate the official presentation page.

Within hftfinance.com you can find a video presentation including all the details about the trading platform plus some testimonials and interesting spot and profit counters. Thing is that similar looking offers are already familiar to us and in most cases, they turn to be dishonest. That’s why it’s very important for you to read this article before you take any further decisions!

the HFTFinance Scam review

The HFTFinance Scam Review – All you need to know!

Let’s begin with the fact that the alleged founder and CEO John Williams appear integrated in front of a green screen. He claims to be manager of this company long with group of professional stock traders all with minimum of 10 years of experience. Okay, that sound really great but why we do not see those traders? Why they do not share their names? And by the way, wait a minute. They are trading stocks? How this has something in common with binary options? Folks, keep in mind that Wall Street traders, which trade stocks and so on, their trading methods have nothing in common with the regular binary options trading we are using. Therefore, the whole storyline is rigged and that reveals the fact that Mr. John Williams and his team are all fictitious characters.

Despite the fact, that we already know on 100% that this service is a scam we`ll continue the debunking and we`ll display even more bogus details surrounding the hftfinance.com.

How the service works?

According to the information exposed inside hftfinance.com, we talk about high frequency investing algorithms, which execute around 2400 positions a day. Opening and closing positions within a 2 – 3 seconds and all this with 98% accuracy.

Now those claims are also fake and we`ll explain why!

  • Binary Options robot that executes 2400 trades a day does not exist.
  • With binary options trading you have to determine the direction, investment, and expiry rate before you open the trade. The minimum expiry rate you can select is 60 second (some brokers do allow 30 sec trades but very rarely). However, the point is that you cannot enter and exit the markets when you want, similar to forex and stock trading. As we explained in the beginning, different trading instruments allow different options. With binary investing, you cannot trade like this.
  • Accuracy of 98% cannot be maintained for long period of time with options trading. In general, the algo trading methods rely on high volume trading but with very low accuracy – up to 65%. Therefore, you can imagine how impossible all this is!

Furthermore, later in the video the presenter shows us the software in action. Take a look at the snapshot below. Now, for novice trader that can look convincing but true trader eyes its completely different picture. The guy shows are Meta Trader 4 platform with 4 opened charts on 1-hour timeframe, claiming that this is the software. This is absurd, a freaking lie!

the HFTFinance Scam review

Are Estimated Profits with The HFTFinance Software realistic?

John Williams denies all those pesky offers, promising thousand dollars overnight and in the same time his offer is pretty much the same: $30,000 to $50,000 a month guaranteed. Whats this some kind of Paradox? The bugler says to the police “hey there is a bugler go catch it”. Crazy stuff folks, do not bait this crap!

Are there marketing tricks within hftfinance.com?

Yes, there are and basically, they are the main convincing method the opportunity relies on! There are fake spot counters integrated within the web-page, profit counters along with member’s counter. Anyway, just ignore those banners friends, they all do restart on page-refresh. Those are just typical tricks for those type of common fraud operations.

Can we trust the testimonials?

No freaking way dear readers. There are two individuals appearing within the video aiming to rise the reputation of the HFTFinance Software. Now, take a closer look, how come they are also appearing in front a green screen and then integrated in another interesting background. Really lame developers work, sharp eye can quickly see that they are also fabricated.

Furthermore we, have some more testimonials within the website represented by photo + name style! The formula here is simple, stolen stock photo plus random name equals testimonial. Therefore, we cannot trust them either. We`ll also attach some evidence for you!
the HFTFinance Scam review

Are there any outside endorsements in support of the HFTFinance Software?

Our work won’t be complete if we do not research the search engines and social medias for feedback. You can also do the same by the way, all you can come across is negative reviews and bad feedback from the society. Basically, this is the most important detail forming a binary options service. If the regular day-trader says this is a scam, then it’s a scam. No middle way!

HFTFinance Scam Review – The Summary!

We don’t have anything to add here. The service is total fraud. We have all the evidence needed to black list it! Obviously, this offer is designed to empty our pockets, but not this time! Guys / Gals, beware and do not invest real money with this system or you`ll end up lied with no one to complain to. As we explained everything inside hftfinance.com is one big lie and all the people do not exist!

Review Verdict: The HFTFinance Software is 100% Scam! Beware and avoid any further engagement with hftfinance.com!

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